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Welcome to the prestigious Guest Vento Hospitality Awards 2023, where excellence in the hospitality industry is celebrated and honored. We invite you to join us as we recognize the outstanding achievements and remarkable contributions of individuals and establishments that have set new benchmarks in the field. This page unveils the categories and modalities of the awards, offering a glimpse into the world of talent, innovation, and exceptional service.

Modalities and Event Information

The winners of the Guest Vento Hospitality Awards 2023 will be carefully selected by our esteemed panel of experts who possess extensive knowledge and experience in various fields related to the hospitality industry. These professionals will meticulously evaluate the nominees based on predetermined criteria to ensure fairness and impartiality.

We are excited to announce that the results of the awards will be unveiled at a grand event held at a prestigious venue. The exact location and date of the function will be shared with anticipation in the coming months. We kindly ask everyone to mark their calendars and await further updates regarding this highly anticipated event.

Award Presentation and Recognition

The winners of the Guest Vento Hospitality Awards will receive well-deserved recognition for their exceptional achievements. Each winner will be presented with a prestigious certificate, acknowledging their excellence in their respective categories. In addition, a symbol of honor and distinction, the coveted Guest Vento idol shield, will be awarded to each recipient as a testament to their outstanding contributions to the industry.

We understand that the anticipation for the award function is high, and we are pleased to announce that the event will take place in February 2024. We kindly request all participants, nominees, and industry professionals to patiently await further updates and announcements regarding the exact date and venue of this prestigious occasion.

The Guest Vento Hospitality Awards 2023 promises to be a remarkable celebration of talent, innovation, and remarkable accomplishments within the hospitality industry. We look forward to welcoming all attendees and unveiling the exceptional winners who have made a lasting impact on the industry.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us in February for an unforgettable evening of celebration and recognition!


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