Get ready, Bangalore! The Ritz-Carlton is set to transform into a slice of Mexico for a day, thanks to the culinary wizardry of the renowned Mexican Masterchef Regina Logar. This 27th January 2024, during the long weekend holidays, 'The Market,' the hotel's all-day dining spot, will be the stage for an exclusive 'Taste of Mexico'.

A Journey Through Mexico's Culinary Riches

Chef Regina Logar, a celebrated name from Le Cordon Bleu, Mexico, and a star of MasterChef Mexico 2018, is bringing her kitchen magic to our city. Known for her culinary flair and a nomination for the “World’s Best Chef from Latin America” award, she's set to dazzle Bangalore with her gastronomic creations.

Six Courses of Mexican Wonders

The 'Taste of Mexico' isn't just a meal; it's an adventure through Mexico's vibrant flavours. Imagine diving into dishes like Citrus Watermelon with Goat Cheese or the tantalising Shrimp Agua Chile Verde. Each of the six courses is a testament to Mexico's rich and authentic flavours, crafted meticulously by Chef Regina.


Sustainability Meets Culinary Excellence

Chef Regina isn’t just about taste; she's a crusader for sustainable fishing and uses nationally certified sea products. Her commitment to the blue economy is as commendable as her culinary skills, making dining not just enjoyable but also responsible.

An Evening to Remember

This is your chance to immerse yourself in Mexico's culinary heart, right here in Bangalore. The elegant ambiance of The Market at The Ritz-Carlton complements the exquisite dining experience, promising an unforgettable evening.

Mark Your Calendars

This is more than dinner; it's a celebration of flavours, culture, and sustainability. Don't miss out on this unique culinary journey!

Date: January 27, 2024

Time: 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm

Venue: The Market, The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore

Event: Taste of Mexico

Menu: 6-course Mexican culinary delight

Price: INR 8,000 plus taxes per head

Reservations are open, so book your seat for an unmatched gastronomic delight with Chef Regina Logar's Mexican Pop-Up at The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore. It's more than a meal; it's a culinary escapade that promises to be as vibrant and colourful as Mexico itself!

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