The distinguished globetrotter and culinary maestro, Chef Vicky Ratnani, is all set to take your senses on an extraordinary world culinary voyage with his captivating pop-up event “Bites Beyond Borders” hosted at the renowned Neuma restaurant in Colaba. Gaurav Batra, Neuma’s Brand Head, eagerly shares his enthusiasm for this collaboration with the culinary virtuoso. With a culinary career spanning over three decades and a host of prestigious accolades, Chef Ratnani is well-regarded for his ability to push the boundaries of flavor and creativity.

Chef Vicky Ratnani’s culinary style is marked by a delightful fusion of diverse global tastes, using locally sourced, fresh ingredients. At “Bites Beyond Borders,” patrons can anticipate a gastronomic adventure that transcends borders, featuring a selection of delectable dishes that harmonize Indian and international cuisines. Some of the exquisite offerings include the refreshing Compressed Melon & Charred Pineapple Chaat, the tantalizing Chicken Farcha Parmigiana which masterfully combines Parsi and Italian flavors, the lip-smacking Cottage Cheese/Tofu BBQ infused with spicy Korean elements, the wholesome Seafood Khichdi incorporating ancient grains, and a daily special featuring the freshest shellfish available.

Chef Vicky Ratnani expresses his excitement for this culinary extravaganza, especially in Mumbai, a city renowned for its dynamic and diverse food culture. “I am thrilled to be hosting this pop-up week in Mumbai," says Chef Vicky Ratnani. "Mumbai's food culture is vibrant and dynamic, and I'm excited to share my culinary vision with the city's food enthusiasts. We have crafted a menu that reflects my love for innovative cooking techniques and bold flavours, and I can't wait to see the reactions of our guests.” This event is poised to be an unforgettable week of gastronomy where attendees will not only savor exceptional food but also have the exclusive opportunity to interact with Chef Vicky Ratnani, gaining valuable insights into his culinary philosophy.

It's important to note that this exclusive pop-up dining experience at Neuma offers limited seating, so securing your reservation is highly recommended to ensure you don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to embark on a culinary journey of a lifetime.

Date: 17th October 2023 - 22nd October 2023

Location: Neuma, Colaba

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