Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre (NHCC) is offering a gastronomic treat with its Persian Food Festival at HYBA (Hyderabad Brings Arabia). In collaboration with the renowned Chef Azi Karami, the festival is a celebration of the rich culinary heritage of Middle Eastern cuisine, ongoing until the 17th of December 2023.

Chef Azi Karami, known for her expertise in Persian and Middle Eastern cuisines, has expertly curated a menu that balances authenticity with modern flair. The festival's diverse range of dishes invites guests on a journey through the exotic flavors and aromas of the Middle East.

From the Mezze Plate to an array of tantalizing kebabs and a trio of main course delights, the festival ensures a unique dining experience. Traditional Persian dishes like Soup Shir o Gharch, Rubiyeh Soup, Zaffran Cottage Cheese, Phaldari, Joojeh, Persian Koobideh, Veg Zereshk Polo, Zereshk Polo ba Morgh, and Bhagali Polo with Shred Mutton Raan add authenticity to the fest. The dessert selection, featuring Kunafa, Baklava, and Iranian Ice Cream, rounds off the dining experience with sweet indulgence.


This festival is a testament to NHCC's commitment to culinary innovation, offering a chance to explore Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine's rich tapestry. The event is a collaboration between Chef Azi and NHCC’s team of chefs, aiming to revive traditional recipes with a modern twist.

Rubin Cherian, the General Manager of NHCC and Hyderabad International Convention Centre, expresses joy in hosting the festival. He highlights the intricately interwoven Middle Eastern cuisine brought to life by Chef Azi and the NHCC team.

Chef Azi Karami adds her delight in collaborating with NHCC to showcase Persian culinary heritage's vibrancy, aiming to capture the essence of the region through its exquisite flavors.

Master Chef Subhagan Subimon concludes with enthusiasm about hosting the festival, emphasizing the meticulous effort put into crafting a menu that promises a delightful and culturally rich experience for guests.

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