With its lavish celebration of Onam, the ITC Grand Chola is prepared to amaze both tastes, senses and hearts. The luxurious hotel is putting together an Onam celebration by fusing a variety of flavours, aromas, and traditions in the heart of Chennai.

The celebrated festival of Onam honours King Mahabali's reign and the rice harvest in the Indian state of Kerala. ITC Grand Chola celebrates this occasion by warmly inviting anyone who wants to partake in the holiday atmosphere as this is a time of joy, unity, and feasting.

The Grand Onam Brunch which is the highlight of this celebration is going to be held on August 29th from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm at the Madras Pavilion on the hotel grounds.Each dish on the menu has been carefully prepared to capture the essence of Onam.Here, amidst an ambience steeped in tradition, guests will be treated to a lavish spread that encapsulates the flavours of Onam.

For those who prefer the comfort of their abode, the Gourmet Couch takeaways offer an equally delightful option. Available from the 20th of August to the 2nd of September, this takeaway service allows you to experience the essence of Onam in the privacy of your home. Whether you're a party of two or four, ITC Grand Chola ensures you don't miss out on the festivities. With a thoughtfully curated menu, it's an invitation to savour the festive flavours at your own pace.

The menu boasts an array of dishes, each dish on the menu has been carefully prepared to capture the essence of Onam. From the scrumptious Sambaram to the irresistible Erissery, every dish narrates a tale of Kerala's culinary heritage. Not to be missed are the Avial, Olan, Kalan, and Pyar Thoran – dishes that have stood the test of time and continue to delight.

Dishes like Murungakkai Sambar and Matta Ari Choru provide a deeper connection to the land's flavours. And for those with a sweet tooth, the Pal Ada Payasam and Puli Inji are poised to create a memorable culinary conclusion.

More than a feast, this Onam celebration at ITC Grand Chola is an invitation to experience the warmth of tradition and the thrill of innovation. This is a chance to take part in a custom that honours harmony, diversity, and the joy of delectable food, whether you decide to participate in the main brunch or enjoy the Gourmet Couch experience.

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