Indulge in a unique gastronomic journey at Seven Kitchens, The St Regis Mumbai, featuring the elegance of millets on Sunday, 16th July, 2023.

This collaboration showcases The St Regis Mumbai's dedication to promoting local and sustainable ingredients, offering a diverse range of flavors. From Indian delicacies with nuanced flavors to vibrant Mediterranean dishes, bold Asian creations, and farm-to-table specialties, guests can expect an extraordinary culinary experience.

Experience the artistry of Chef Santosh, the Executive Pastry Chef, as he creates exquisite desserts like Millet and Peach Cobbler and Millet and Honey Granola Bars, highlighting the delicate crunch and natural sweetness of millets. Chef Kinyo presents a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines, skillfully incorporating millets into dishes like Millet and Quinoa Stuffed Avocado and Seafood Ceviche, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors. Chef Raymond takes you on an Asian culinary journey with dishes such as Millet and Mushroom Dumplings and Millet Vegetable Spring Roll, showcasing the diverse flavors and techniques of the continent.

Master Chef Taj preserves the rich heritage of Indian cuisine, infusing millets into traditional recipes like Sama Ki Khichdi and Thinai Vegetable Biryani, immersing guests in timeless flavors. Master Chef Beena brings her passion for Middle Eastern cuisine with dishes like Millet Tabbouleh and Millet Pilaf with Roasted Vegetables, adding inventive millet twists to traditional Middle Eastern fare. Embark on a global culinary adventure with Master Chef Robin at Seven Kitchens, as he demonstrates the versatility of millets in various global cuisines.

Varun Chhibber, General Manager of The St Regis Mumbai, emphasizes his role as a support system for the chefs, encouraging their creativity and passion for new and bold ideas. “My role is to be their punching board, someone they can discuss their bold and never before ideas with and above all to motivate them to take calculated risks. Nothing great was ever achieved without trying new projects and I am delighted to support their vision and passion,” he added. This collaboration reflects the hotel's commitment to culinary innovation and excellence.

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