Tiara @ Meluha, The Fern located in Powai is delighted to announce the Dastarkhwan food festival. This ten-day culinary extravaganza draws inspiration from the rich flavours of Balochistan and the neighbouring regions of Afghanistan. The festival will commence on June 29 and run until July 9.

Chef Rehman and his talented culinary team have meticulously curated the entire festival, bringing forth an array of authentic dishes from the region. Guests can indulge in a delectable spread during both lunch and dinner.

For vegetarian options, the starters will include mouthwatering dishes such as Channe Ke Chappli, Khumb Taka Tak, Paneer Sarson Tikka Tawa, Rajma Akhroot Shammi, Aloo Neza Nizami, Paneer Khubani Kebab, and more. Non-vegetarian enthusiasts can savour Tawa Barrah Kebab, Charga Boti, Mahe Tikke, Chappli Kebab, Namkeen Murgh Boti, Mahi Khaddi Kebab, and other tantalizing delights.

The cyclical menu will feature an enticing selection of main course dishes, including Nehari Gosht, Murgh Choole, Dum Ke Pomfret, Paneer Gobhi Korma, Baluchi Gosht, Kadhai Murgh, Mahi Musullum, and Karhai Paneer. In addition to the diverse spread, live counters will offer interactive culinary experiences and a variety of desserts will be available to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Tiara @ Meluha, The Fern invites food enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the flavours of Dastarkhwan and embark on a memorable gastronomic journey.

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