VBev, a leading importer of premium spirits in India, is thrilled to introduce the ELIT Masters 2023 Bartender Challenge. This exciting mixology event aims to shine a spotlight on the exceptional talents of India's finest mixologists and their craft.

The competition this year is bigger than ever, featuring bartenders from over twenty countries competing for the title of Global Elit Master 2023. Their challenge? To create the ultimate Freeze Martini, pushing the boundaries of cocktail-making and showcasing creativity, sustainability, talent, and expertise.

Sumedh Singh Mandla, CEO of VBev, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are ecstatic to unveil the highly anticipated ELIT Masters 2023, which will be the first of its kind in India. As the demand for ultra-premium spirits skyrockets in India, with an impressive 93.9% increase in the last financial year, this event takes on even greater significance. It serves as an exceptional platform for talented mixologists to showcase their skills on a global stage while celebrating the remarkable growth and flourishing creativity within the Indian bartending community."

To participate in the Elit Masters – Bartender Challenge, individuals can register on the official website until August 31st. Participants will be selected from across India and divided into East, West, South, and North zones. They will be tasked with crafting a Freeze Vodka Martini using Elit Vodka, demonstrating their creativity, knowledge, methodology, and innovation. Participants also have the option to take on an additional challenge: creating a Luxury Low Alcohol Cocktail.

Out of all the participants, the top 20 mixologists from each zone will advance to the semi-finals. The semi-finals will be held in various cities, leading to the grand finale in Mumbai on September 15th. The winner of this prestigious challenge will earn an exclusive trip to Athens, Greece, where they will compete in the Global Finals and be a part of the esteemed Athens Bar Show.

Elit is an ultra-premium vodka manufactured by the Stoli Group. Damian McKinney, CEO of Stoli Group, added, "The martini is an iconic cocktail, and reinventing it is no easy task, so we look forward to seeing the bartenders’ creations combining all of these elements."

Elit vodka has received numerous accolades, including being named '2022 Best Unflavored Vodka' by the Beverage Testing Institute®. Its exceptional purity and smoothness, achieved through freeze filtration at -18°C, make it perfect for martinis, neat, or on the rocks.

Bartenders interested in participating in the ELIT Masters 2023 can find more information and register on the official website.

About VBev:

VBev is a dynamic company dedicated to the import, marketing, sales, and distribution of international wine, beer, and spirit brands in the Indian subcontinent. With a mission to grow the international alco-bev market in the Indian sub-continent and build brand equity, VBev is driven by passion, teamwork, market intelligence, education, service excellence, and innovation.

The portfolio of VBev includes iconic brands such as The Dalmore and Jura (luxurious Scottish single malts), Stoli and Elit (leading premium vodkas), Amaro Montenegro, Select Aperitivo, and Vecchia Romagna (bitters and brandy), Cooper's craft beers (Australian), and a curated selection of wines from renowned global producers.

About Elit Vodka:

ELIT Vodka was created in 2003 in Latvia with a vision to craft vodka to the highest quality standards globally, earning it the name ELIT. ELIT vodka undergoes freeze filtration at -18°C, employing cutting-edge technology inspired by ancient vodka-making traditions, resulting in exceptional smoothness and purity. ELIT vodka has received numerous awards, including '2022 Best Unflavored Vodka' by the Beverage Testing Institute®. It has consistently achieved a 97-point rating for 12 years, making it one of the world's highest-rated spirits. Perfect for martinis, neat, or on the rocks, ELIT vodka is a symbol of excellence in the world of spirits.

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