SRM University and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Join Forces for Hospitality Education

SRM University and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Join Forces for Hospitality Education

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Published on September 7, 2023

SRM University Institute of Hotel Management (SRM IHM), a prominent institution in India, has announced an exciting partnership with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, a global leader in the hotel industry.

This four-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two organizations is set to enhance the education and career opportunities for hospitality students. It encompasses various aspects of academia-industry collaboration, including the representation of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts on the Board of Studies Committee of SRM IHM. Additionally, it will open doors for students to secure internships and placements at Wyndham's hotel properties across the region.

As part of this collaboration, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts will actively participate in SRM IHM's educational activities. This includes delivering guest lectures and workshops conducted by corporate employees and hotel General Managers. Moreover, they will provide tailor-made internship and placement opportunities at their hotels, giving SRM IHM students valuable hands-on experience essential for their careers in the hospitality industry.

Dr. Ravi Pachamothoo, Chancellor of SRM University, expressed his vision for this partnership, stating, “At SRM University, we are committed to providing industry-relevant quality education and equipping students with the skills they need for the real world. Our strategic collaboration with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts will enable SRM IHM students to connect with industry experts, gain insights into hospitality-related subjects, and stay updated on industry trends.”

Nikhil Sharma, Market Managing Director Eurasia at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, emphasized the importance of this partnership, saying, “At Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, we believe in investing in the future of the hospitality industry by nurturing the next generation of talent. By sharing our experiences and addressing real-world challenges in a classroom setting, we aim to better prepare students for their careers and provide them with the knowledge and skills required by the industry.”

This partnership signifies a significant step forward in bridging the gap between academia and the hospitality industry, offering students practical exposure and enriching their educational journey.

About SRM University – Institute of Hotel Management

SRM University Delhi-NCR Haryana (SRMUH) is part of the SRM Group of Institutions, which has a rich legacy dating back to 1969. SRMUH aims to provide world-class education and knowledge across various fields of study. The SRM Institute of Hotel Management offers a three-year degree course that has set high standards in professionalism, leadership, and service excellence for future leaders in the hospitality and tourism sectors. The institute boasts excellent infrastructure, including well-equipped training kitchens, fine dining restaurants, smart classrooms, and a 24x7 Wi-Fi campus.

About Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts is a global leader in the hotel industry, with around 9,100 hotels in over 95 countries, making it the largest hotel franchising company by the number of properties. Wyndham operates a portfolio of 24 hotel brands, catering to various traveler segments. Their commitment to nurturing young talent in the hospitality sector underscores their dedication to the industry's future. Wyndham Rewards, their loyalty program, boasts approximately 101 million enrolled members globally.

Private Members-Only Business Clubs Gain Traction Among India's Elites

Private Members-Only Business Clubs Gain Traction Among India's Elites

By Nishang Narayan

Published on May 22, 2024

India's burgeoning economy and rising affluent population are fostering a unique trend: the proliferation of private members-only business clubs catering to the nation's elites. These clubs, situated in prime commercial areas, offer a sanctuary for corporate leaders, startup founders, and other influential figures to network in an exclusive setting.

Historically, India's metropolitan areas have had clubs like the Gym Khana and Golf Courses, but these often involve lengthy membership waitlists. This limitation has sparked the rise of alternative platforms offering similar prestige and exclusivity. Over the past four to five years, more than 25 private clubs have opened across the country, including both independent operations and those managed by major hospitality brands like IHCL's Chambers and ITC's Privie.

These clubs are designed as comprehensive ecosystems, equipped with high-end facilities including business lounges, gourmet dining, and leisure amenities like spas and art galleries. They cater to a clientele that values privacy and premium experiences, and membership is typically by invitation or referral, adding an element of exclusivity.


The market for these clubs is robust, with a current valuation of INR 576 crores and a projected growth to INR 941 crores by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 17.8%. This growth is driven by the increasing number of high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) in India, expected to more than double by 2027.

The Mumbai region, known for its affluent demographic and vibrant cultural scene, dominates the market, hosting some of the most prestigious clubs such as SOHO House and Quorum. This trend reflects a broader shift towards luxury and exclusivity in the Indian hospitality and real estate sectors, with private members-only clubs at the forefront of this evolution.

For those in the know, these clubs are more than just places to meet; they are venues where business and pleasure blend seamlessly against a backdrop of tailored luxury.

Pride Hotels Group Launches New Wellness Resort in Becharaji, Gujarat

Pride Hotels Group Launches New Wellness Resort in Becharaji, Gujarat

By Nishang Narayan

Published on May 18, 2024

Pride Hotels Group is delighted to announce the addition of Pride Elite Wellness Resort Becharaji to its esteemed portfolio. Located in the historic town of Becharaji, Gujarat, this resort is poised near significant cultural landmarks such as the Sakeshwar Jain Temple and the Modhera Sun Temple, making it a prime destination for guests seeking both relaxation and cultural experiences.

The resort marks Pride Hotels Group's inaugural foray into the wellness resort sector, reflecting their commitment to delivering exceptional hospitality experiences. "We are excited to introduce the Pride Elite Wellness Resort Becharaji, a facility that embodies our vision of integrating business with leisure and well-being," said Mr. Atul Upadhyay, Executive Vice President of Pride Hotels Group. He further noted that the resort is designed to cater to the diverse needs of its guests, from leisure travelers to corporate clients.

Boasting 92 elegantly furnished rooms, the resort offers a variety of amenities designed to enhance guest stays, including a swimming pool, a modern gymnasium, and extensive green lawns suitable for weddings and events. The property also features dedicated spaces for corporate meetings and holistic wellness treatments offered through the Rishivan Vivekananda Wellness Center, which provides programs focused on stress management, diabetes control, weight management, spine wellness, and more.


Mr. Koustuv Mukherjee, Associate Vice President for the Gujarat Region at Pride Hotels Group, highlighted the strategic significance of the location. "Gujarat is a vibrant destination rich in cultural heritage and business opportunities. Pride Elite Wellness Resort Becharaji is more than just a hotel; it is a gateway to experiencing Gujarat's renowned hospitality and its spectacular attractions," stated Mr. Mukherjee.

The resort is set to open in June, ready to welcome guests who are looking for a memorable stay that combines the best of Gujarat's hospitality with the comfort and luxury that the Pride Hotels Group is known for.

For more information on booking and the services offered at Pride Elite Wellness Resort Becharaji, please visit the Pride Hotels Group website. Whether you are traveling for business, leisure, or wellness, this new resort promises a stay that goes beyond expectations, offering a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and cultural exploration.

Bowling, Dining, and Beyond at Game Palacio at DLF Mall of India

Bowling, Dining, and Beyond at Game Palacio at DLF Mall of India

By Nithyakala Neelakandan

Published on May 16, 2024

DLF Mall of India, Noida, recently unveiled Delhi-NCR’s first Game Palacio, introducing an immersive gaming and entertainment hub for visitors of all ages. This expansive venue offers a diverse range of activities, from arcade games and boutique bowling to captivating virtual reality experiences. Additionally, guests can savor delectable cuisines and enjoy live music performances at the upscale dining spots within the Game Palacio.

Shibli Khan, Centre Head of DLF Mall of India, said “We are thrilled to welcome the Game Palacio to DLF Mall of India as a one-stop destination for unparalleled entertainment. With its gamut offerings and immersive game experiences, the Game Palacio underscores our commitment to providing world-class leisure options within DLF Mall of India.”

Manish Mehrotra, Senior Vice President and Head of Operations at DLF Shopping Malls, said “We are excited to welcome the Game Palacio at DLF Mall of India, Noida. It is more than just a gaming destination; it is an experience tailored for every generation. From arcade thrills to VR experience, the Game Palacio fosters our commitment to offering our patrons cherished memories and boundless joy.”

Prasuk R Jain, Owner of Game Palacio, said “In the next decade, we anticipate the trend of Game Palacio to increase in India rapidly. This year, we are thrilled to announce multiple openings back to back, including locations at Connaught Place (Regal Building) in Delhi, Pitampura in West Delhi, Saket in South Delhi and Golf Course Road in Gurugram. The Game Palacio has already established itself as a leading brand in Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Chandigarh.”

Occupying an impressive 56,000 square feet area within DLF Mall of India, Game Palacio offers a comprehensive entertainment package. Among its highlights are a state-of-the-art arcade, complete with classic and modern video games, and a boutique bowling alley where visitors can test their skills in a stylish setting. Additionally, guests can dive into captivating virtual reality adventures, providing a unique and immersive gaming experience.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. Game Palacio also boasts two distinct dining options to satisfy hungry gamers and visitors alike. Kamikaze, a sophisticated cocktail bar, offers a chic setting to unwind and enjoy handcrafted beverages, while Verde, an authentic Italian restaurant, serves up delicious cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. These dining venues add another dimension to the overall experience, allowing guests to enjoy delectable dishes and live music performances while taking a break from the gaming action.

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