OYO Implements GPT-4 Powered Virtual Front Desk for UK Hotels

OYO Implements GPT-4 Powered Virtual Front Desk for UK Hotels

By Author

Published on July 24, 2023

OYO has introduced a contactless self-check-in system using GPT-4 technology for its partner hotels in the UK. The virtual front desk enables a seamless 5-minute check-in experience and supports international travelers with language assistance. By integrating with smart lock systems, guests can enjoy keyless entry and exit without physical key cards. The 24/7 virtual front desk, powered by ChatGPT4, offers multilingual support and automates payment collection, streamlining operations and reducing expenses by 60%. The system also provides personalized recommendations for activities and local attractions based on guest preferences.

Gautam Swaroop, CEO of OYO International, emphasized the significance of guest-facing technology for an enhanced experience and increased revenue for hotel owners. Puneet Yadav, head of OYO UK, highlighted the industry's shift towards digital-first interactions and personalization to meet customer demands.

OYO's technology empowers hotels to boost demand and revenue through multiple Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and its own platforms. The AI-enabled pricing software ensures optimal pricing across channels, resulting in increased revenues for OYO partners. Ejaz Husain, owner of OYO The Longlands Hotel, praised the solution for improving customer experience, reducing costs, and enhancing operational efficiency, enabling remote management of hotel operations.

Ruckus Networks Introduces AI-Driven Platform for Enhanced Hospitality Services

Ruckus Networks Introduces AI-Driven Platform for Enhanced Hospitality Services

By Nishang Narayan

Published on April 21, 2024

At the recent International Hotel Technology Forum in Barcelona, Steven Johnson, Senior Director for EMEA at Ruckus Networks, introduced a groundbreaking AI-driven platform tailored for the hospitality industry. This new suite, a specialized adaptation of the Ruckus One platform, promises to revolutionize guest experiences by integrating advanced technologies such as AI, Wi-Fi 7, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The newly launched platform aims to significantly enhance operational efficiency and customer service by allowing hotels to offer personalized guest interactions. Through this technology, hotels can integrate their own applications to cater to individual guest preferences, potentially increasing guest loyalty. For instance, the platform enables the use of digital room keys, customization of guest preferences, and streamlined requests for services directly from the guest's room.

"This launch represents not just an innovation but a transformation in how we approach hospitality management," said Johnson. "Our goal is to provide a platform that not only enhances guest satisfaction but also optimizes hotel operations through intelligent technology."


Key features of the Ruckus Networks hospitality suite include:

Personalization Capabilities: Enabling hotels to tailor services to individual guest needs through a customizable network.

Ruckus AI: Embedded AI technology assists in managing technology infrastructure efficiently, providing predictive analytics to prevent issues before they arise and offering actionable insights.

Advanced Connectivity: Incorporating Wi-Fi 7 for faster, more reliable internet access that meets the expectations of tech-savvy travelers.

IoT Integration: Facilitating a smarter, interconnected environment that enhances guest experiences and operational efficiency.


The impact of Ruckus AI has already been felt at the Royal Garden Hotel, where IT Systems Manager Miguel Fonseca reports a 90% reduction in customer complaints related to Wi-Fi, citing significant improvements in guest satisfaction regarding connectivity.

As Ruckus Networks continues to roll out this innovative suite, the hospitality industry looks forward to harnessing the power of AI, Wi-Fi 7, and IoT to deliver exceptional services that meet the evolving demands of modern travelers.

Cheval Collection Implements IDeaS G3 RMS

Cheval Collection Implements IDeaS G3 RMS

By Nithyakala Neelakandan

Published on April 21, 2024

Cheval Collection, renowned for its luxury serviced apartment properties, is enhancing its revenue management strategies with the implementation of IDeaS G3 RMS. This move comes as part of a broader effort to streamline operations and maximize revenue across its expanding portfolio.

With IDeaS' innovative revenue management software already successfully deployed at its Edinburgh properties, Cheval Collection recognized the potential for wider adoption. The decision to implement G3 RMS was driven by a desire to eliminate manual processes and focus on addressing significant outlier scenarios, ensuring a more efficient and effective revenue management approach.

One key advantage of G3 RMS is its ability to optimize revenue for guests with varied lengths of stay. Cheval Collection's luxury serviced apartments offer flexibility, allowing bookings ranging from standard overnights to week- or month-long stays. With G3 RMS, the properties can take a holistic view of demand for all product types, simplifying complex revenue management decisions and maximizing revenue potential.

Additionally, as group business represents a growing portion of Cheval Collection's revenue mix, the Group Pricing Evaluation feature of G3 RMS proves invaluable. This feature provides an easy-to-use displacement analysis, helping commercial teams understand the potential revenue impact of accepting or rejecting group business opportunities.

Liz Callaghan, director of revenue at Cheval Collection, said “I really can’t say enough about the fantastic support we have received across all touchpoints from the IDeaS team. Their expert knowledge, insight, and experience working with our other properties made the integration process seamless. We are excited to see the results as these additional properties come online.” 

Michael McCartan, area vice president, EMEA, at IDeaS, said “When the Cheval Collection team wanted to expand their RMS capabilities to eight additional properties, our teams went to work to ensure we deliver innovative, customer-focused experiences across its portfolio. We’re delighted to work with them to elevate their revenue management, help them achieve their strategic objectives, and improve their commercial results.”

With the implementation of IDeaS G3 RMS across its properties, Cheval Collection is poised to enhance efficiency, optimize revenue, and provide guests with exceptional experiences tailored to their needs.

Pudu Robotics Unveils BellaBot Pro with Advanced AI and Enhanced Safety Features

By Nishang Narayan

Published on April 20, 2024

Pudu Robotics, a leader in the global service robotics market, has launched the BellaBot Pro, the newest iteration of its flagship smart service robot. This launch represents a significant step forward in robotics for the hospitality and retail sectors, with improvements based on extensive customer feedback worldwide.

Felix Zhang, founder and CEO of Pudu Robotics, highlighted the importance of this innovation, stating, "We are at a pivotal moment in automation and robotics. BellaBot Pro is designed to significantly enhance human productivity and service quality in various sectors."


Key Features of BellaBot Pro Include:

Enhanced Marketing Capabilities: BellaBot Pro now features an 18.5-inch advertising screen, transforming it into a mobile promotion platform that not only draws attention but also enhances ad conversion efficiency. The robot offers customizable options like dynamic facial expressions and multimedia advertising, which allow businesses to deliver tailored marketing messages directly to consumers.

Advanced PUDU VSLAM+ Technology: This technology integrates laser and vision for accurate navigation without the need for stickers, making deployment quicker and adaptable to various environments, including large areas up to 200,000 square meters.

Greeting Recognition Interaction: The new front camera can detect customer gestures such as waving and respond appropriately, enhancing customer interaction.

Improved Tray Detection and Dish Recognition: These features allow BellaBot Pro to monitor its tray status and recognize dishes, providing voice introductions of meals to customers, which improves service efficiency and dining experience.

Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance and Ground Projector Lights: These safety enhancements help BellaBot Pro navigate crowded environments more safely by minimizing blind spots and alerting pedestrians to its presence.


The BellaBot Pro is designed for seamless integration into any hospitality or retail setting, offering significant reductions in setup time and increased operational efficiency. This robot is not just a technological advancement but also a practical solution geared towards enhancing the customer service experience.

With over 70,000 units shipped globally and a presence in more than 60 countries, Pudu Robotics continues to lead in the service robotics sector, pushing the boundaries of what robots can do in service industries. For more detailed information on BellaBot Pro and other innovations, visit Pudu Robotics’ website.

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