Passion and Innovation: Singapore's 'Made in Singapore' Tourism Campaign

Passion and Innovation: Singapore's 'Made in Singapore' Tourism Campaign

By Author

Published on October 1, 2023

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has embarked on an exciting journey with its latest global campaign, "Made in Singapore" (MIS), which seeks to captivate and inspire travellers worldwide to choose Singapore as their next destination. This campaign represents a fresh take on the "Passion Made Possible" destination brand and spotlights quintessentially Singaporean experiences that range from iconic attractions to hidden gems, all firmly rooted in the unique passions that define Singapore's identity.

Mr. GB Srithar, Regional Director – India, Middle East, South Asia & Africa, Singapore Tourism Board, explains that this campaign is well-aligned with the evolving preferences of Indian travellers who increasingly seek deep connections with their travel destinations. They are drawn to off-the-beaten-path, unexplored, and previously unimagined experiences. "Made in Singapore" serves as a testament to Singapore's ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, offering travellers a renewed sense of wonder and limitless possibilities.

Kenneth Lim, Assistant Chief Executive (Marketing Group) at Singapore Tourism Board, elaborates on the campaign's core philosophy. "Made in Singapore" is anchored in the "Passion Made Possible" destination brand, which embodies the Singaporean spirit of pursuing individual passions and creating new opportunities. The primary objective is to showcase how Singapore, uniquely, turns everyday, ordinary moments into extraordinary, unforgettable experiences that can be found nowhere else, aiming to inspire travellers to explore this exceptional destination.

One of the key driving forces behind the MIS campaign is a recent study conducted in November 2021, involving over 3,000 respondents across 10 international markets. The study revealed that more than 60% of people are now seeking more meaningful and purposeful travel experiences. Furthermore, nearly 80% of those planning purposeful travel are actively looking for destinations that ignite inspiration.

The campaign ingeniously showcases Singapore's key attributes, positioning it as an inspiring "City in Nature" destination that is not only vibrant and cosmopolitan but also deeply rooted in a rich multicultural heritage. To establish an emotional connection with potential travellers and to spark their desire to visit Singapore, the MIS campaign adopts a bold and playful approach, emphasising the concept that a twist on the familiar can lead to a holiday filled with wonder.

Visitors to Singapore can now embark on unique adventures, such as indulging in "forest bathing" amidst the Jewel Changi Airport's Rain Vortex, savouring delectable dishes while breaking a sweat at the Lau Pa Sat hawker centre, and witnessing a mesmerising "air show" at the all-new Mandai Bird Paradise. These extraordinary experiences epitomise the essence of Singapore's commitment to turning imagination into reality.

Moreover, Singapore has introduced new offerings that perfectly align with the MIS campaign's spirited approach. Sentosa's The Palawan @ Sentosa by Shangri-La Group has transformed beachside living into an exhilarating experience with electric go-karts, a floating aqua park, mini-golf, beach clubs, and delightful food trucks. PLUME, the newly opened cocktail bar at Pan Pacific Singapore, tantalises guests with flavours inspired by local birds, redefining the traditional cocktail experience. Additionally, Lou Shang, a hidden gem of a café, presents fusion dishes inspired by beloved local favourites, adding a delightful twist to familiar flavours.

The "Made in Singapore" campaign serves as a successor to STB's "SingapoReimagine" international recovery campaign, initiated in November 2020 to reignite the passion for travel to Singapore.

As global travel continues to regain momentum, STB anticipates that visitor arrivals in the coming year will recover to approximately 12 to 14 million, with tourism receipts reaching around SGD 18 to SGD 21 billion, representing two-thirds to three-quarters of pre-COVID 2019 levels. Singapore is undeniably positioning itself as a destination where the ordinary is magically transformed into the extraordinary, promising travellers experiences that will stay with them forever.

Image Source- Singapore Tourism Board 

Extendam Acquires Hilton Garden Inn Sevilla

Extendam Acquires Hilton Garden Inn Sevilla

By Nithyakala Neelakandan

Published on April 18, 2024

Extendam, a prominent player in the hospitality sector, has made waves with its recent acquisition of the Hilton Garden Inn Sevilla Hotel from Aliseda Inmobiliaria, a subsidiary of Blackstone. This strategic move adds another gem to Extendam's portfolio, marking its seventh operation in Spain.

Strategically located in Seville's bustling Torneo Empresarial business district, the 4-star hotel boasts 140 keys, a restaurant, fitness center, and meeting rooms, making it an ideal choice for both business and leisure travelers. Notably, the hotel underwent a refurbishment of its common areas in 2023, ensuring a contemporary and inviting ambiance for guests.


Partnering with Continuum Hospitality Group for operations, Extendam is poised to offer exceptional services and experiences to patrons of the Hilton Garden Inn Sevilla. With its prime location adjacent to a bus and metro station, proximity to San Pablo airport and Santa Justa train station, and easy access to Seville's attractions, the hotel caters to a diverse clientele.

Jean-Marc Palhon, President of Extendam, expressed optimism about the investment, citing Seville's robust tourism sector and favorable market conditions. He highlighted Seville's status as the fourth most visited city in Spain, emphasizing its resilience to seasonality and potential for revenue growth.

Continuum Hospitality Group's expertise in the Spanish market further solidifies Extendam's confidence in this venture. The partnership underscores Extendam's commitment to delivering excellence while adhering to stringent ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards set by both Extendam and the Hilton brand.


In line with Hilton's sustainability initiatives, the hotel management will prioritize environmental conservation, particularly in addressing water scarcity and reducing energy consumption.

The transaction received support from BPCE and CBRE, further underscoring the collaborative efforts behind this successful endeavor.

Extendam's acquisition of the Hilton Garden Inn Sevilla Hotel reflects its strategic vision and commitment to enhancing the hospitality landscape in Spain. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and guest satisfaction, Extendam and its partners are set to elevate the guest experience while driving value for stakeholders in the vibrant city of Seville.

Saudi Arabia Announces Plans for Oxagon, the World’s Largest Floating Structure in Neom

Saudi Arabia Announces Plans for Oxagon, the World’s Largest Floating Structure in Neom

By Nishang Narayan

Published on April 17, 2024

Saudi Arabia is set to redefine industrial and economic development with its ambitious project, Oxagon, touted to be the world's largest floating structure. Part of the expansive Neom development in the northeastern region of the Kingdom, Oxagon is strategically positioned on the Red Sea, near the bustling shipping lanes of the Suez Canal.

Designed with a unique octagonal shape, Oxagon will combine onshore and offshore developments with a significant portion extending into the Red Sea. The city is planned to serve as both a port and a logistics hub, enhancing Neom's role as a centre powered by renewable energy within Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiative. This initiative aims to diversify the nation’s economy and reduce its dependence on oil.


One of the project’s striking features will be the division between the land-connected base and its massive floating counterpart, which is claimed to be the largest of its kind globally. The floating section is expected to feature innovative water-filled squares and small canals, a state-of-the-art cruise terminal, and an oceanographic research centre.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman emphasised that Oxagon will act as a catalyst for economic growth and diversification in Neom and across the Kingdom. He noted, "Oxagon will contribute to redefining the global approach to industrial development in the future, focusing on environmental protection while simultaneously creating job opportunities and stimulating economic growth."


The project also aims to enhance Saudi Arabia's role in regional and global trade, positioning Neom as a new key player in international trade flows. This development is part of the broader Neom project, which includes various other futuristic initiatives like The Line, a 170-kilometre-long city designed to house nine million people with minimal environmental impact.

As Oxagon takes shape, it stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia's forward-thinking approach to blending advanced technology with sustainable urban planning. However, the Neom project continues to face scrutiny over sustainability practices and the impacts on local communities, highlighting the challenges of undertaking such transformative developments.

Experience the Essence of Ethiopian Coffee with Luckin Coffee's Gesha Series

Experience the Essence of Ethiopian Coffee with Luckin Coffee's Gesha Series

By Nithyakala Neelakandan

Published on April 11, 2024

Luckin Coffee, the renowned Chinese coffeehouse chain, has unveiled its newest addition to the menu: the SEO Black Cup Gesha series. This exclusive lineup features single-origin espresso (SOE) beverages crafted from Gesha beans sourced from Bench Maji, Ethiopia.

Handpicked by Luckin Coffee's global bean-hunting team, these beans are cultivated at elevations ranging from 1,909m to 2,609m, resulting in a distinct flavor profile that coffee aficionados are sure to appreciate.

The Gesha series offers a variety of options including Americano, Flat White, Latte, and Dirty. Each cup is priced at $4.50 and is available in limited quantities, ensuring a premium coffee experience.


For those eager to try out this new series, Luckin Coffee is offering a special promotion for new app users, allowing them to purchase their first Luckin Black Cup for just $0.99.

Crafted under the guidance of the World Barista Championship team, the Gesha series exemplifies the essence of single-origin espresso, showcasing the unique flavors influenced by the region's climate, soil, and altitude.

In addition to the Gesha series, Luckin Coffee has introduced other premium offerings such as the Hambella line and the SOE Yirgacheffe collection, with plans to launch the Sumatra Gayo range in the near future.

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