Transforming Hospitality: AI/ML Use Case Library Unveiled by Info-Tech Research Group

Transforming Hospitality: AI/ML Use Case Library Unveiled by Info-Tech Research Group

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Published on February 21, 2024

In an era where technology and hospitality intertwine more than ever, Info-Tech Research Group has released a groundbreaking AI/ML Use Case Library specifically designed for the hotel industry. This timely resource arrives as hotels worldwide navigate a transformative phase, seeking innovative solutions to meet changing consumer behaviors and operational demands.

With a focus on strategic alignment between IT and business goals, the new research from Info-Tech highlights the critical role of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in reshaping the hospitality landscape. "An effective AI and ML transformation plan executed within the next one to two years can define the next one to two decades," states Elizabeth Silva, senior research analyst at Info-Tech Research Group. This forward-thinking approach underscores the importance of collaboration between hotel business and technology leaders to map out a roadmap for achieving exponential IT status.


The AI/ML Use Case Library for Hotels is a comprehensive blueprint showcasing how investments in AI and ML can unlock innovative opportunities for enhancing guest attraction, entertainment, retention, and optimizing back-of-house operations. From utilizing data-driven decision-making to improve property appeal to employing advanced technologies for enriching on-property activities, the library offers actionable insights for hotels to elevate their service offerings.

Info-Tech's research also tackles common challenges faced by the industry in adopting new technologies, such as budgetary constraints and project delays. By exploring industry-leading best practices, the blueprint aims to facilitate early ideation sessions and accelerate the journey towards transformation.


Key opportunities identified in the research include:

Guest Attraction: Leveraging AI and ML for property appeal and optimization.

Guest Entertainment: Enhancing the quality of on-property activities through innovative technologies.

Guest Retention: Developing meaningful interactions and reoccurring experiences through exceptional operations.

Back of House: Optimizing the employee experience to increase job satisfaction.

As hotels continue to adapt to the digital era, the AI/ML Use Case Library serves as an essential guide for IT leaders looking to leverage these technologies to meet evolving guest needs and maintain a competitive edge.

For more insights and to access the complete AI/ML Use Case Library for Hotels blueprint, contact


About Info-Tech Research Group:

Info-Tech Research Group, a leading global IT research and advisory firm, has been empowering IT professionals with actionable insights and tools for over 25 years. Serving a community of over 30,000 IT leaders, Info-Tech is committed to helping organizations make strategic and informed decisions in an ever-changing technological landscape.

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Radisson Hotel Group and Zaplox Partner to Launch Digital Keys

Radisson Hotel Group and Zaplox Partner to Launch Digital Keys

By Nishang Narayan

Published on June 18, 2024

Radisson Hotel Group (RHG) has partnered with digital guest solutions provider Zaplox to introduce digital keys, marking a significant milestone in its ongoing digital transformation efforts. This collaboration enables RHG to leverage Zaplox’s middleware solution to launch mobile keys across its portfolio, enhancing guest experiences and modernizing hotel operations.

Starting June 1, Radisson Rewards members who book directly and use the Radisson Hotels  solutions that enhance the guest experience and simplify the digital transformation for our customers.”

This initiative aligns with RHG’s broader digital transformation strategy, which also includes implementing new technologies to facilitate meeting and event planners in booking RHG’s venues through external platforms. The partnership with Zaplox was established in 2022 when RHG selected Zaplox as the technical partner for providing digital keys. At that time, RHG had 624 hotels representing approximately 125,000 hotel rooms across Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions.7


The implementation of digitaApp can access their hotel rooms and common areas such as elevators and fitness centers using their mobile devices. The digital keys are currently being trialed at Radisson RED Brussels, providing valuable insights for a broader rollout across RHG’s portfolio.

Cristina Serra, RHG’s Global Brand and Experience, Customer and Marketing Strategy SVP, expressed enthusiasm about this advancement, stating, “We are excited to enter the next stage of digitizing the guest experience with piloting the digital keys in one of our hotels. By adding this feature to our multiple award-winning Radisson Hotels App, we are one step closer to perfecting its in-stay usage.”

Tess Mattisson, CEO & President of Zaplox, highlighted the significance of the partnership, saying, “This launch marks an important step towards digitalizing Radisson Hotel Group’s guest journey as we can announce that we are now live at the first hotel with digital keys. This collaboration signifies our mutual commitment to providing innovativel keys at Radisson RED Brussels is a significant step forward, paving the way for a seamless and innovative guest experience throughout Radisson Hotel Group's extensive portfolio.

For more information, visit Radisson Hotels and Zaplox.

Jurny Introduces Next Generation of AI Multi-Agents: Transforming Property Management with Unprecedented Efficiency and Accuracy

Jurny Introduces Next Generation of AI Multi-Agents: Transforming Property Management with Unprecedented Efficiency and Accuracy

By Nishang Narayan

Published on June 17, 2024

Jurny, the leading vertical AI platform for automating hotel and short-term rental operations, has announced plans to unveil its next generation of AI capabilities and multi-agent technology. Building on the success of its advanced AI, Nia, and its multi-agent system, the new release promises to automate up to 90% of back-office operations.

“Our AI and multi-agent system is changing the game for the hospitality industry, enabling a level of automation never before possible,” said Luca Zambello, founder and CEO of Jurny. “Our AI agents are already ten times faster and more accurate than humans in handling guest communications and other tasks. With version 2.0, we'll dramatically expand their capabilities and redefine what's possible in property management.”

Since its introduction just six months ago, Jurny's AI has seen rapid and widespread adoption, with nearly one-third of customers opting for Nia's fully autonomous mode. This figure has grown 300% since the beginning of the year. In this mode, Nia independently manages the entire guest journey, from check-in to check-out, including scheduling, cleaning, handling communications, escalating issues when needed, and prioritizing tasks based on guest sentiment.

Customers who have embraced Nia’s fully autonomous mode are reaping the rewards. They report a significant 25% decrease in operational costs and a marked improvement in guest experience, thanks to faster response times and greater efficiency. This aligns perfectly with a McKinsey & Co. report stating, "AI-enabled customer service is now the quickest and most effective route for institutions to deliver personalized, proactive experiences that drive customer engagement.”


“Without Jurny, we'd be at a major disadvantage,” said Blendi Muriqi, founder and CEO of, a Jurny customer. “With Jurny and Nia, one person can now manage 100 units, whereas we needed two or three people before. This added efficiency has allowed us to scale our operations while maintaining exceptional service."

Jurny's multi-agent system is possible due to its unique vertically integrated platform design, which allows AI agents to work seamlessly across all software components. This approach mirrors the direction taken by tech giants like Apple, who are embedding AI deeply into their ecosystem with the upcoming Apple Intelligence on iOS 18, highlighting the potential for widespread AI adoption.

The next version of Jurny's multi-agent system, slated for release later this year, promises to be even more powerful, accurate, and cognitively advanced. This enhanced AI will be fully customizable for each property, allowing for unprecedented automation of up to 90% of back-office tasks while significantly improving the guest experience. This advancement will result in more revenue per unit, lower costs, and considerably higher profits for Jurny's customers.

"This update could increase the number of properties a single manager can handle from 50 to 200. Our existing AI already enables one manager to oversee 50 units, which is significantly higher than the industry standard. With the new release, this capability will quadruple," added Zambello. "The potential impact on the entire hospitality industry is immense."

As we've seen in the past, every time efficiency drastically increases, the market landscape changes. This technology holds massive potential for disruption because it allows one person to manage 200 units with the same resources that previously managed only 10 to 20. This dramatic improvement in efficiency means that individuals who couldn't afford to be property managers or didn't have the time will now have the opportunity. This technology will not only benefit the existing market but also drive significant growth, potentially boosting platforms like Airbnb itself.

Cvent Announces AI-Powered Offerings for Hoteliers

Cvent Announces AI-Powered Offerings for Hoteliers

By Nishang Narayan

Published on June 15, 2024

Cvent, a leading provider of hospitality technology, has unveiled a series of AI-driven product offerings aimed at hoteliers and hospitality professionals. These new solutions, part of the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN), include features like natural language search and AI-enabled property matching. The announcement was made during the Hospitality Cloud Product Roadmap Session at Cvent CONNECT, held from June 10 to 13.

Jim Abramson, Vice President of Product Management at Cvent, highlighted the company's approach: "Our product development strategy prioritizes a practical application of AI across our platform that maximizes impact while minimizing the effort required from our users to access it. We plan to continue investing in new and innovative ways to combine the power of AI with our decades of data-driven insights to help hotel teams achieve even better group business results."


Key AI-Powered Features:

AI-Enabled Matching: Automatically aligns hotels, venues, or destinations with planners searching for specific dates, streamlining the matching process and enhancing sales team efficiency.

Customized Prospecting Pitches: Allows hoteliers to create effective and targeted communications to attract their desired audience.

Natural Language Search: Enables planners to perform intuitive searches for hotels and destinations using conversational language.

Automated RFP Responses: Utilizes a hotel or venue’s historical RFP responses and CSN profile information to generate instant answers to Custom Questions from planners, reducing response time.

RFP Agenda Builder: Assists planners in quickly creating comprehensive agendas, improving the planner experience and ensuring hoteliers receive necessary information for event execution.

AI Diagram Assistant: Incorporates natural language functionality to help hotel operations teams produce precise, customized floor plans and room layouts within Cvent Event Diagramming.

Additionally, Cvent has integrated its room block management system, Cvent Passkey, with Maestro’s property management system as of April this year.

These innovations are designed to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall experience for both hotel teams and event planners. With these AI-powered tools, Cvent aims to provide hoteliers with more qualified requests for proposals (RFPs) and better group business results.

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