Culinary Traditions Unveiled: IHCL and Tata Steel's 'Tribal Cuisines' Partnership

Culinary Traditions Unveiled: IHCL and Tata Steel's 'Tribal Cuisines' Partnership

By Author

Published on August 21, 2023

In a promising collaboration, Indian Hotels Company (IHCL) and Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) are joining hands to uplift tribal home-cooks through the innovative 'Tribal Cuisines' capacity-building program. This significant endeavor is a crucial part of Tata Steel Foundation’s renowned program 'Samvaad', which has been fostering positive dialogues within tribal communities since 2014.

Gaurav Pokhariyal, IHCL's Executive Vice President of Human Resources, stated that this strategic partnership resonates well with IHCL’s ESG + framework, Paathya. The 'Tribal Cuisines' initiative strives to create a captivating mosaic of flavors, celebrating the rich culinary heritage of tribal communities. With a strong community focus, the aim is to establish an ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurial endeavors among tribal home-cooks, allowing them to showcase their talents on a global scale.

The comprehensive six-day capacity-building program, hosted by the Institute of Hotel Management in Aurangabad, united 23 home cooks from 9 states and 11 distinct tribal communities. The curriculum encompassed a wide spectrum, including culinary techniques, industry-standard processes, nutritional insights, entrepreneurial insights, marketing strategies, food hygiene, preservation methods, and exposure to bulk cooking.

Sourav Roy, Chief Executive Officer of Tata Steel Foundation, described 'Samvaad' as a unique platform for tribal identity that emphasizes both dialogue and action. It stands with the conviction that the tribal way of life holds answers to some of our most complex questions. Roy highlighted how tribal cuisine weaves together micro-narratives of nature, empowerment, tradition, and nutrition, which this program aims to express through young individuals. The collaboration with IHCL has played a pivotal role in elevating tribal cuisine to prestigious heights across India.

IHCL, recognized as a guardian of Indian hospitality, continues its commitment through the Paathya framework, investing in building industry-relevant talent pools. This investment aims not only to develop and support deserving youths and their families but also to contribute to the overall growth of the industry.

Tata Steel Foundation, established on August 16, 2016, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Steel Limited, is dedicated to co-creating solutions with tribal and excluded communities to address their developmental challenges. IHCL, along with its subsidiaries, represents a fusion of warm Indian hospitality and world-class service. From the iconic Taj brand to the innovative Ginger concept, IHCL’s offerings span diverse segments within the hospitality industry.

The partnership between IHCL and Tata Steel Foundation signifies more than just a program; it’s a bridge between cultures, empowering tribal cuisines while fostering sustainable growth and inclusive progress.

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Celebrate IPL Season with Special Menu at Nusa Brewvilla, Bengaluru

By Nishang Narayan

Published on April 19, 2024

As the IPL season heats up, Nusa Brewvilla in Bengaluru is the perfect venue to catch the cricket fever with its specially curated IPL Special Menu, available until May 26th. This vibrant spot in Gunjur Village has become a hub for both cricket enthusiasts and food lovers looking to enjoy the game in a lively atmosphere.

The menu kicks off with "Cheese Sixers", featuring tantalizing Mozzarella Fritters and Cheese Fondue served with crispy Bread Sticks. For those seeking a heartier meal, the "Whisky Glazed Royal Challengers Wings" offer a robust flavor experience, with tender chicken wings bathed in a whisky-infused sauce that promises to ignite your taste buds.

Complementing the food offerings, Nusa Brewvilla introduces an array of special cocktails crafted to match the intensity of the matches. Highlights include the "Ee Sala Drink Namde" and the "Whisky Rider", each designed to cater to diverse palates and elevate the overall dining experience during the matches.

Nusa Brewvilla ensures that every match day is an event, with a culinary lineup that celebrates the spirit of IPL. Whether you're cheering for a win or need a little comfort after a tough game, the Brewvilla has something special for every cricket fan.



Event Date: Until May 26th

Location: Nusa Brewvilla, 23-A, Chaithanya Sharan X, Gunjur Village, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560087

Price: Starting from Rs. 345 onwards

Contact: 099165 55499

For more information or to make a reservation, contact Parina Dhilla at Pitch Perfect on 9036481275. Don't miss out on this unique blend of sports excitement and culinary delight at Nusa Brewvilla this IPL season!

Celebrate Vishu with a Special Brunch at The Den Bengaluru

Celebrate Vishu with a Special Brunch at The Den Bengaluru

By Nishang Narayan

Published on April 14, 2024

As the Malayalam New Year, Vishu, draws near, The Den Bengaluru is excited to host a special brunch to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Scheduled for April 14, 2024, the brunch is a tribute to the joy, abundance, and togetherness that Vishu signifies.

This exclusive event will be held at The Creek within The Den and will run from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Guests are invited to indulge in a carefully curated brunch prepared by our very own Executive Chef Vineeth Jayan, who hails from Guruvayur, Kerala. With a deep-rooted passion for his culinary heritage, Chef Vineeth is set to bring the authentic flavours of Kerala to the table.

The menu will feature a variety of traditional Kerala dishes, including the rich coconut-based Avial, the flavorful Thoran, and the comforting Olan. Dessert lovers can rejoice in the sweet notes of Ada Pradhaman among other delights. Each dish is crafted to evoke the essence of Kerala's famed cuisine, ensuring a memorable dining experience that resonates with the spirit of Vishu.


Prices for the brunch are set at INR 2199++ per person for the non-alcoholic version and INR 2999++ per person for the brunch that includes Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL).

To secure your spot at this not-to-be-missed celebration, please call +080 71117272 or +91 9513677272 for reservations. Celebrate the new beginnings and cultural heritage of Kerala with us at The Den Bengaluru's Vishu Brunch.

Caffe Allora Elevates Bangalore's Culinary Scene with New Outlet Launch

Caffe Allora Elevates Bangalore's Culinary Scene with New Outlet Launch

By Author

Published on April 13, 2024

Introducing Caffe Allora's latest venture: the grand opening of its sixth outlet at Phoenix Mall of Asia, Bangalore. This marks a significant milestone in the renowned Italian bistro's expansion strategy, promising to enrich Bangalore's culinary landscape and reinforce Caffe Allora's position as a premier café chain in the country.

Caffe Allora embodies the essence of family-run Italian trattorias, offering the warmth and authenticity of traditional Italian dining. Its menu boasts meticulously crafted pizzas, pastas, risottos, and antipasti, catering to every palate with a symphony of flavors.

Patrons can delight in signature 15” pizzas, featuring the unique option for two toppings side-by-side, or indulge in authentic Napoli (Neapolitan) pizzas, available in various sizes. Beyond pizzas, the culinary offerings include a diverse selection of soups, salads, small plates, sandwiches, pastas, and risottos. Committed to freshness and sustainability, the restaurant allows patrons to pick fresh basil leaves from its hydroponics set-up for a true farm-to-table experience.


In addition to its exquisite cuisine, Caffe Allora at Phoenix Mall of Asia, Bangalore, offers an ambiance that goes beyond the ordinary, inviting patrons to unwind and socialize in style. With a thoughtfully curated selection of beverages, including expertly crafted coffees, refreshing lemonades, artisanal juices, and an extensive array of wine, beer, and cocktails, it promises a complete dining experience.

Commenting on the launch, Prashant Issar, Director of Bellona Hospitality Service Limited, expressed excitement about the expansion, highlighting the brand's commitment to excellence and confidence in Bangalore's dynamic market.

The opening of Caffe Allora's sixth outlet at Phoenix Mall of Asia, Bangalore, reflects the brand's dedication to expanding its presence while maintaining its fundamental principles of culinary mastery and exceptional hospitality. As Caffe Allora continues to redefine social dining, patrons can anticipate nothing less than an extraordinary culinary journey at each of its outlets.

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