MakeMyTrip's myBiz Joins Forces with Zoho for Corporate Travel Solutions

MakeMyTrip's myBiz Joins Forces with Zoho for Corporate Travel Solutions

By Author

Published on January 20, 2024

myBiz, MakeMyTrip's corporate travel solution, has announced a strategic partnership with Zoho, a global leader in technology solutions. This collaboration aims to transform corporate travel and expense management, offering customised solutions that cater to the varying complexities of businesses across different industries.

Streamlining Corporate Travel Processes

The partnership focuses on enriching back-end efficiencies, improving the ease, flexibility, and efficiency with which businesses manage travel, expenses, and governance. This move is expected to revolutionise the corporate travel process, making it more streamlined and technologically agile.

A Testament to Customer-Centric Solutions

Raj Rishi Singh, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Business Officer – Corporate, MakeMyTrip, spoke about the collaboration: “Our partnership with Zoho is a testament to our commitment to understanding and adapting to the unique business travel needs of every organisation. We aim to provide a comprehensive suite that impeccably integrates with existing systems for businesses of all sizes.”


Addressing the Challenges of Corporate Travel

Sivaramakrishnan Iswaran, Global Head, Zoho Finance and Operations Suite, highlighted the challenges in corporate travel management. “Travel is typically one of the top business expenses. Our integration with myBiz and Zoho Expense addresses the need for a seamless experience in managing travel and expense processes end-to-end,” he stated.

myBiz: A Leader in Corporate Travel Management

myBiz has established itself as a premier corporate travel management platform in India, serving over 55,000 active clients across various sectors. The platform is renowned for its flexibility and integration capabilities, offering a comprehensive solution for corporate travel.

Seamless Integration for Efficient Travel Management

By integrating seamlessly with Zoho Expense, myBiz streamlines the travel requisition to expense management processes, enhancing control and efficiency. Businesses using this integrated solution can initiate travel requests through Zoho Expense, with myBiz handling booking and payment management.

Catering to Diverse Corporate Needs

The corporate landscape is diverse, and myBiz has developed tailored solutions that empower businesses to optimise their travel and expense processes. From simple expense solutions to complex SaaS offerings and credit card options, myBiz addresses a wide range of corporate needs.

This partnership between myBiz and Zoho marks a significant leap in corporate travel management, aiming to provide an unparalleled experience for businesses managing their travel and expenses.

Analysis: 91% of Diners Prioritise Reviews and Ratings in Dining Decisions

Analysis: 91% of Diners Prioritise Reviews and Ratings in Dining Decisions

By Nishang Narayan

Published on April 11, 2024

A recent study by RightResponse AI unveils the significant impact of reviews and ratings on diners' dining decisions, with 91% of respondents acknowledging their reliance on these factors. The research underscores the importance of recent reviews, with nearly two-thirds of diners focusing on reviews less than one month old, signalling a preference for up-to-date information.

RightResponse AI, a leading provider of AI-powered review management solutions, has released a comprehensive report titled "We Digested Over 100,000 Restaurant Reviews, And This Is What We Learned." This analysis delves into customer sentiment and behaviour, leveraging advanced sentiment analysis capabilities to extract valuable insights for the restaurant industry.

Through an examination of over 257,000 phrases from restaurant reviews, RightResponse AI identified notable trends affecting the industry. Key findings include the increasing length of reviews across all star ratings and a significant rise in response rates, particularly in chain restaurants, where response rates approach 60%.


Interestingly, the research reveals a disparity in customer satisfaction between chain restaurants and single-location establishments. Despite similar star ratings, chain restaurants exhibit a lower percentage of positive mentions, highlighting potential areas for improvement in customer experience.

In parallel with this analysis, RightResponse AI conducted the 2024 Restaurant Diner Survey Insights, exploring diners' online search behaviours, review habits, and expectations regarding review responses. Notable insights from the survey include the influence of personalised and informative review responses on dining decisions, with 78% of potential patrons considering such responses influential.

George Swetlitz, co-founder of RightResponse AI, emphasises the significance of these findings in shaping restaurant success. He states, "Understanding and engaging with customer feedback in a personalised and informative manner is crucial for restaurant establishments of all sizes. RightResponse AI is committed to democratising access to advanced AI tools that enable businesses to enhance customer satisfaction, improve Google Map rankings, and attract new customers."

In addition to its research efforts, RightResponse AI has introduced a Free AI Review Response Generator, empowering users to add informative content to AI-generated review responses. This innovative tool, coupled with the option to upgrade to RightResponse AI's Intelligent Review Responder, provides businesses with scalable solutions to manage and respond to reviews effectively.

Hotels Overlooking Major Revenue Stream from EV Charge Points

Hotels Overlooking Major Revenue Stream from EV Charge Points

By Author

Published on March 10, 2024

The hospitality industry is at a pivotal juncture with the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), as highlighted by a recent survey conducted by Virta, a leading smart charging service provider. The survey reveals a significant trend: eight out of ten hotel guests now consider the availability of EV charge points as a crucial factor in their accommodation choices, placing it on par with traditional amenities like comfortable lodging and quality breakfast options.

This shift towards prioritising EV charging availability indicates a changing landscape in guest preferences and underscores a potential revenue stream that many hotels are currently overlooking. With the majority of consumers placing high importance on quality EV charging points, hotels lacking in this area — whether due to outdated infrastructure, insufficient charging bays, or a complete absence of chargers — might be missing out on significant revenue opportunities.


As 2024 approaches, Virta's Suki Sangha emphasises the urgency for hotels to recognize and seize the revenue possibilities associated with catering to the EV-driving guest, particularly business day-trippers who seek to combine meetings with efficient car charging. Sangha points out the direct correlation between a positive charging experience and increased guest stay durations, ultimately leading to higher revenue for hotels. He suggests that to future-proof their operations, hotels should aim to make at least 10% of their parking spaces EV charge-enabled.

Ownership of the charging infrastructure is recommended to fully capitalise on the commercial opportunities it presents, ranging from accommodation and events to weddings and food and beverage services. This approach positions EV charging as an integral part of hotel operations, poised to drive significant business growth.


Leading the charge, some hoteliers, such as Novotel Hyderabad Airport Hotel, have already embraced EV charging stations, recognizing their value in attracting and retaining guests. Voco Hotels' general manager, James Bell, echoes the sentiment, stressing the importance of hotels adapting to meet today's demand for EV charging to secure their revenue and customer base in the long term.

The insights from Virta's survey serve as a clarion call for the hospitality industry to embrace electrification as a critical component of their service offerings. As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to grow, hotels equipped with modern, sufficient EV charging facilities are not only positioning themselves as forward-thinking but are also tapping into an emerging market segment with substantial revenue potential.

M Social Phuket Elevates Guest Experience with Aiello's Voice AI Integration

M Social Phuket Elevates Guest Experience with Aiello's Voice AI Integration

By Author

Published on March 9, 2024

M Social Phuket, a forward-thinking hotel located in the vibrant landscape of Thailand, has announced its collaboration with Aiello to integrate the advanced Voice artificial intelligence (AI) technology, AVA, into its operations. This integration marks a leap towards enhancing the hotel's operational efficiency and significantly elevating the overall guest experience.

AVA, Aiello’s Voice Assistant, is designed to provide guests with an intuitive and seamless way to make room service requests, answer frequently asked questions, and control Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices within their rooms, such as lighting, air conditioning, and smart TVs, through simple voice commands. This innovative approach to guest service automation not only streamlines internal communication but also ensures that housekeeping and restaurant reservations are managed more effectively.


Pjey Mayandi, General Manager of M Social Phuket, emphasised the transformative impact of the Aiello partnership on the hotel's service delivery, stating, "Our collaboration with Aiello has revolutionised the way we interact with our guests and has positioned M Social Phuket as a leader in hospitality innovation. We are committed to leveraging technology to create unforgettable experiences for our guests, and Aiello Voice Assistant has played a pivotal role in achieving this goal."

AVA stands out as a 24/7 AI concierge, offering guests the ability to access local tourist information, request room service, communicate with the front desk via IP telephony, enjoy music, set alarms, and much more, all through voice commands. The technology supports multiple languages, including Japanese, English, Chinese, and Thai, making it an ideal solution for catering to the diverse needs of international guests visiting Phuket.

This integration with Aiello's Voice AI technology underscores M Social Phuket's dedication to adopting cutting-edge solutions to enhance guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. By prioritising innovation and technology, M Social Phuket not only enhances the quality of its services but also reinforces its commitment to providing a unique and memorable stay for every guest.

With the successful implementation of AVA, M Social Phuket is setting a new benchmark for hospitality services, demonstrating the potential of AI technology to transform the guest experience in the digital age.

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