Sourcing, Training, Rewarding: Wyndham's Strategies for Success in Franchise Hotels

Sourcing, Training, Rewarding: Wyndham's Strategies for Success in Franchise Hotels

By Author

Published on June 27, 2023

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts has launched the "Wyndham Strong" program to address the needs of hotel employees. Mike Reilly, Chief People and Operations Officer for Europe, Middle East, Eurasia, and Africa at Wyndham, discussed the company's approach to HR policies in franchise hotels.

Work-life balance is a key focus in the hospitality industry, known for its long hours and irregular shifts. Wyndham recognizes the importance of HR in attracting and retaining talent. With approximately 9,100 franchised hotels worldwide, the guest experience remains consistent, whether managed or franchised.

The company provides comprehensive best practices and toolkits to define talent requirements for each department. Brand standards are set, and dedicated trainers support their implementation. Reilly's team assists in training general managers and department heads to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

While luxury hotels have dominated the Indian market, Wyndham excels in the mid-market segment. Reilly aims to change the perception that only five-star hotels offer rewarding careers. The "Wyndham Strong" program focuses on sourcing, training, rewarding, optimizing, nurturing, and growing employees.

Franchisees receive resources like workshops, online learning, and templates. Wyndham stands alongside franchisees during challenges like talent shortages and financial difficulties. People and brands are their most valuable assets, and supporting hotels with empowering tools is crucial.

Wyndham's commitment to creating a positive work environment and supporting employee growth strengthens its position in the high-growth Indian market.

In summary, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts prioritizes the well-being of its hotel employees through the "Wyndham Strong" program. HR policies play a vital role in recruiting and retaining talent, ensuring a consistent guest experience across their extensive network of franchised hotels.

OYO Introduces CricOtel: Bangalore’s Ultimate Cricket-Themed Hotel

OYO Introduces CricOtel: Bangalore’s Ultimate Cricket-Themed Hotel

By Nithyakala Neelakandan

Published on May 24, 2024

With the cricket season in full swing and the T20 World Cup just around the corner, OYO has unveiled an exciting new venture for cricket enthusiasts. Introducing CricOtel, a cricket-themed hotel located in the bustling heart of Bangalore. This unique concept is designed to celebrate the sport's heritage and provide fans with the perfect environment to enjoy cricket matches together.

CricOtel is situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Bilekahalli, close to the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. This strategic location ensures that guests are at the center of Bangalore's passionate cricket culture. The hotel features 15 rooms, each commemorating one of India’s most iconic cricketing victories. Guests can choose from themed rooms such as the 1983 Champions Den, World Cup 2011 Suite, T20 Cup ’07 Room, Desert Storm 1998, and Gabba Glory ’21, among others. Each room offers an immersive experience, allowing guests to relive historic moments in Indian cricket.


Beyond the themed rooms, CricOtel boasts several other cricket-inspired elements designed to captivate the Instagram generation. There is a stadium-themed central hall, a wall of fame dedicated to cricket legends, hallways adorned with memorabilia and posters, and a neon-lit "Love Cricket" selfie point. These features ensure that there is a picture-perfect backdrop at every turn, making it an ideal destination for social media enthusiasts.

Nitin Thakur, Global Head of Strategic Alliances and Communications at OYO, expressed his excitement about the launch: "We are thrilled to introduce CricOtel as a dedicated space for cricket enthusiasts in Bangalore. Our goal is to offer guests a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of cricket while enjoying the comfort and convenience of our hospitality. CricOtel is our tribute to the deep-rooted passion for cricket in Bangalore. We invite cricket fans to experience cricket in an entirely new way at CricOtel."

K.M. Haneef, the owner of CricOtel, echoed this sentiment: "Cricket is more than just a sport; it's a passion that unites millions across the country. I am delighted to bring this alive in collaboration with OYO. With CricOtel, we aim to create a haven where cricket enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the history and excitement of the game. We look forward to welcoming guests to experience the magic of cricket at CricOtel."

CricOtel’s launch is a testament to OYO’s commitment to innovative and creative hospitality experiences. As a global leader in the industry, OYO continues to push boundaries, offering guests unique and memorable stays around the world. In addition to the themed rooms and cricket-centric décor, CricOtel will offer special packages for those who want to watch matches together with friends and family during the cricket season.

Guests can book their stay at CricOtel through a simple three-click process on the OYO Hotels app, known for its user-friendly interface, competitive prices, quality accommodations, and flexible platform. OYO also offers a 24/7 chatbot, Yo! Chat, to quickly resolve any queries, ensuring a seamless booking experience.

Whether you're a die-hard cricket fan or simply looking to enjoy a unique hospitality experience, CricOtel promises to deliver a stay filled with excitement, nostalgia, and exceptional service.

Cygnett Hotels & Resorts Unveils Ambitious Expansion Plans at 7th Annual GM Conclave

Cygnett Hotels & Resorts Unveils Ambitious Expansion Plans at 7th Annual GM Conclave

By Nithyakala Neelakandan

Published on May 24, 2024

India’s fastest-growing hospitality chain, Cygnett Hotels & Resorts, recently hosted its 7th annual GM Conclave in Jaipur, under the theme ‘Aggrandize Hospitality: Cygnett Horizons 2024.’ This event was a platform for discussing strategic expansion plans and key insights into the transformational changes within the hospitality industry.

Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Sarbendra Sarkar, announced Cygnett’s plan to open 15 new hotels with a total of 1200 keys over the next year. Ten of these hotels are already in the project and pre-opening stages. This expansion is a testament to the company's vision of innovation and cultural transformation. Upcoming properties include Cozzet Deera in Sonipat (41 keys), Cozzet Mahad in the Mahad Maharashtra industrial area (60 keys), and Cygnett Inn Airport in Jaipur (45 keys), all scheduled to open between June and August.


To support this growth, Cygnett plans to hire over 1,000 hospitality professionals and establish the Cygnett Learning Academy to address the talent shortage and train new aspirants. According to a recent report by HVS, Cygnett Hotel and Resort ranked second in new hotel signings in 2023.

During the conclave, Mr. Sarkar emphasized the importance of cultural transformation and innovation in driving the company’s expansion. He highlighted the rapid growth of domestic tourism and rising average daily rates (ADRs) as positive indicators for the hospitality sector. He also noted that increased government focus on infrastructure development is expected to further bolster the industry.

Sustainability was another major focus of the conclave. Cygnett’s Sustainable Plan 2025 includes initiatives such as energy-efficient technologies, water conservation, waste management, and improved transportation facilities. These efforts are aimed at aligning with global sustainability standards and reflect the company's commitment to environmentally responsible practices.


Technology also featured prominently in the discussions. Cygnett is investing heavily in digital transformation, particularly in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance guest experiences and operational efficiency. The company announced the upcoming launch of a mobile app for reservations and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to streamline guest management.

Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Shyam Bhethanabotla, explained that AI algorithms will empower staff and improve guest interactions through voice recognition and translation, offering personalized recommendations and experiences. This integration of AI is expected to transform business operations while maintaining a balance between technology and tradition.


Additionally, Cygnett announced the integration of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) to enhance employee engagement and skill development. These systems aim to ensure that Cygnett maintains a motivated and skilled workforce, capable of meeting the organization’s needs.

The conclave concluded with an award ceremony recognizing the top-performing hotels, general managers, and corporate teams for their excellence in guest experience, operational innovation, and leadership. The event celebrated the relentless pursuit of excellence across all levels of Cygnett's operations.

The 7th annual GM Conclave provided a comprehensive look at Cygnett’s ambitious plans for growth, innovation, and transformational change in the hospitality industry, setting a confident roadmap for the future.

Minimalist Hotels Unveils 'Minimalist Goa,' a New Lifestyle Hotel in Panjim

Minimalist Hotels Unveils 'Minimalist Goa,' a New Lifestyle Hotel in Panjim

By Nishang Narayan

Published on May 23, 2024

Minimalist Hotels, known for its unique approach to hotel design and hospitality, celebrated the grand opening of its latest venture, 'Minimalist Goa,' in Panjim on May 7, 2024. This marks the brand’s debut in Goa, introducing a fresh concept in luxury living inspired by Japanese aesthetics known as Japandi. The new property features 30 elegant rooms including studio apartments and suites, each reflecting the brand’s philosophy of simplicity merged with sophistication.

Located strategically in Panjim, the heart of Goa, Minimalist Goa is more than just a place to stay; it's an experience designed to offer peace and a sense of community. The interior design uses a muted color palette, clean lines, and natural materials to evoke a calming atmosphere. This serene ambiance is complemented by state-of-the-art amenities and bespoke services, ensuring a stay that combines luxury with the comfort of home.

The hotel’s dining options are designed to cater to refined tastes. 'Cafe Fika,' an all-day dining cafe, offers a selection of specialty coffees in partnership with GOA-G Shot Coffee Roasters. The cafe also serves light bites and freshly baked treats. For evening relaxation, the 'Minimalist Cocktail Club' (MCC) offers a stylish environment where guests can enjoy unique cocktails and small plates, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploring Goa.


Beyond its luxurious accommodations and dining facilities, Minimalist Goa encourages guests to explore the rich cultural tapestry of Panjim through organized tours and activities. From kayaking and fishing in the tranquil rivers to participating in heritage walks and visiting local markets, the hotel offers various ways to connect with the local culture and environment.

Gautam Munjal, Founder and CEO of Minimalist Hotels, expressed his vision for the new hotel, stating, "At Minimalist Goa, we aim to provide a sanctuary where guests can both relax and delve into the vibrant life of Goa. Our focus is on creating a space that embodies elegance and simplicity, providing enriching experiences that resonate with our guests."

With its unique blend of contemporary design and immersive local experiences, Minimalist Goa is set to become a notable addition to Goa's luxury hospitality scene, appealing to travelers seeking tranquility and authenticity far beyond the typical beach holiday.

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