Why AI is the Hotel Marketer’s New BFF!

Why AI is the Hotel Marketer’s New BFF!

By Author

Published on October 14, 2023

In the hospitality world, AI isn’t the job-snatching boogeyman; it’s more like a friendly neighbour who pops over to lend a sugar cup of efficiency. Here’s how:

1. Your AI Content Buddy:

Imagine AI as that helpful colleague who’s always on the ball. It crafts content like a seasoned wordsmith, filling your website and social platforms with catchy phrases that attract guests like bees to blossoms.

2. Detective AI on Duty:

Need the 411 on your competitors? AI’s your undercover agent, snooping (ethically, of course) and delivering golden nuggets of intel that put you ahead in the hospitality game.

3. Idea Generator 3000:

Creative block? Fear not! AI is that endless pot of coffee for the brain, brewing a storm of content ideas to keep your marketing fresh and zesty.

4. SEO Maestro:

From meta tags to image alt texts, AI tweaks them to perfection, making your website a magnet to those ever-so-important search engines.

5. Chatbots - The 24/7 Concierges:

They don’t sleep, don’t take breaks, and are always chirpy. AI chatbots are your front desk heroes, attending to guests’ needs with the charm of a butler and the efficiency of a ninja.

6. Responding to Reviews Like a Pro:

AI helps you craft those perfect, heartfelt responses to guest reviews. Every response is an artwork, painting your hotel’s commitment to guest delight in bright strokes.

But Wait, There’s More!

AI isn’t just rainbows and butterflies. Here are five spices to mix into the AI soup for a perfect blend of tech and human touch.

1. Humans Still Rule:

AI is nifty but lacks our flair. It’s the combo of AI efficiency and human creativity that’s more magical than midnight room service.

2. Privacy First:

With AI, safeguarding guest data is paramount. It’s like the hotel safe, but for digital treasures.

3. Error Alert:

AI can sometimes trip. A keen human eye ensures its outputs aren’t just swift, but spot-on too.

4. The Learning Path:

AI tools are nifty, but there’s a learning curve steeper than the hotel’s grand staircase. Patience and training turn the climb into a delightful stroll.

5. The Cost Tango:

AI’s not always on the house. Balancing costs and benefits ensures your AI investment is as rewarding as a fully booked weekend.

Wrapping Up:

Embrace AI like the complimentary hotel breakfast – make the most of it while adding your own touch for flavor. It’s not about replacing the human sparkle but amplifying it, turning every guest stay into a story worth telling, and every hotel into a home away from home.

Pudu Robotics Unveils BellaBot Pro with Advanced AI and Enhanced Safety Features

By Nishang Narayan

Published on April 20, 2024

Pudu Robotics, a leader in the global service robotics market, has launched the BellaBot Pro, the newest iteration of its flagship smart service robot. This launch represents a significant step forward in robotics for the hospitality and retail sectors, with improvements based on extensive customer feedback worldwide.

Felix Zhang, founder and CEO of Pudu Robotics, highlighted the importance of this innovation, stating, "We are at a pivotal moment in automation and robotics. BellaBot Pro is designed to significantly enhance human productivity and service quality in various sectors."


Key Features of BellaBot Pro Include:

Enhanced Marketing Capabilities: BellaBot Pro now features an 18.5-inch advertising screen, transforming it into a mobile promotion platform that not only draws attention but also enhances ad conversion efficiency. The robot offers customizable options like dynamic facial expressions and multimedia advertising, which allow businesses to deliver tailored marketing messages directly to consumers.

Advanced PUDU VSLAM+ Technology: This technology integrates laser and vision for accurate navigation without the need for stickers, making deployment quicker and adaptable to various environments, including large areas up to 200,000 square meters.

Greeting Recognition Interaction: The new front camera can detect customer gestures such as waving and respond appropriately, enhancing customer interaction.

Improved Tray Detection and Dish Recognition: These features allow BellaBot Pro to monitor its tray status and recognize dishes, providing voice introductions of meals to customers, which improves service efficiency and dining experience.

Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance and Ground Projector Lights: These safety enhancements help BellaBot Pro navigate crowded environments more safely by minimizing blind spots and alerting pedestrians to its presence.


The BellaBot Pro is designed for seamless integration into any hospitality or retail setting, offering significant reductions in setup time and increased operational efficiency. This robot is not just a technological advancement but also a practical solution geared towards enhancing the customer service experience.

With over 70,000 units shipped globally and a presence in more than 60 countries, Pudu Robotics continues to lead in the service robotics sector, pushing the boundaries of what robots can do in service industries. For more detailed information on BellaBot Pro and other innovations, visit Pudu Robotics’ website.

Thanx Launches Enhanced Mobile App CMS for Restaurants

Thanx Launches Enhanced Mobile App CMS for Restaurants

By Nishang Narayan

Published on April 19, 2024

Thanx, a leader in guest engagement and retention solutions, today announced significant updates to its mobile app content management system (CMS), offering unparalleled customization capabilities to the restaurant industry. This enhancement allows restaurants to control their app’s design, branding, and user experience directly, bypassing the traditional barriers of custom app development.

Zach Goldstein, Founder and CEO of Thanx, emphasized the benefits of the updated CMS, stating, "We're excited to offer a powerful tool that empowers restaurants to create mobile apps that are infinitely customizable without the need for expensive, time-consuming custom development."

The upgraded CMS offers a wide range of customization options, from basic font and color changes to advanced adjustments like background and border styling, padding, and more. Restaurants can now design their app components to align precisely with brand guidelines, and modify their appearance and arrangement dynamically to enhance user engagement.

An early beneficiary of the new CMS capabilities is Bubbakoo’s Burritos, a fusion-style restaurant chain. Chris Ives, CFO of Bubbakoo’s, reported a significant 12.8% increase in app downloads following the adoption of the updated system. “The flexibility provided by Thanx allows us to continuously refine our mobile app to better serve our customers and align seamlessly with our brand identity,” said Ives.


Key Features of the Thanx CMS:

App Onboarding Customization: Tailor the onboarding process with custom imagery and messaging to educate new users about the app’s benefits and features.

Home Screen Customization: Update and style every element of the home screen with precision, ensuring consistency with the restaurant’s branding.

Menu Showcase: Display menu items with distinct design elements that can either blend with the home screen or feature a unique style to highlight specific offerings.

Loyalty Marketplace: Manage loyalty program details like branding, rewards design, value assignments, and expiration settings in real time to adapt to market trends and operational needs.

Ordering and POS Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with existing ordering and POS systems to monitor app performance and adjust strategies based on measured outcomes.

This CMS overhaul not only simplifies the management of app content for restaurant operators but also enhances the guest experience by ensuring a more personalized and engaging user interface. With these advancements, Thanx continues to redefine how restaurants approach digital guest engagement, setting a new standard in the industry for flexibility and control over mobile app environments.

Rotana's Partners with Chef's Eye to Reduce Food Waste

Rotana's Partners with Chef's Eye to Reduce Food Waste

By Nithyakala Neelakandan

Published on April 19, 2024

Rotana, a leading hospitality brand, has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to reduce food waste and minimize its carbon footprint. Through a strategic partnership with Chef’s Eye, an intuitive food-waste measurement technology, Rotana is revolutionizing its operations to promote sustainability.

Implemented across Rotana’s properties in the UAE since the end of 2023, this innovative project is spearheaded by Jarrett Beaulieu, Rotana’s Vice President of Food and Beverage. The results from the first quarter of 2024 are promising, with Rotana successfully reducing its carbon emissions by an impressive 41,245.93kg. This reduction is equivalent to charging over 2.7 million smartphones for a full year or powering 10 gasoline passenger vehicles.

Furthermore, Rotana has achieved a significant reduction in food waste, averaging 25 grams per cover. This includes a 22% decrease in overall production or trim waste, a 15% reduction in food waste from buffet stations, and a remarkable 63% decrease in food waste from plated meals.

Beaulieu emphasizes Rotana's commitment to sustainable practices, stating, “When food is wasted, every resource that goes into the production of the food, such as water and energy, both of which produce greenhouse gasses, is also wasted. Not only do these wasted resources increase our carbon footprint, but the food that ends up in landfills also produces methane, further contributing to our carbon footprint. That is why curbing food waste is a key objective for achieving Rotana’s overall sustainability goals.” 

Chef’s Eye technology plays a pivotal role in Rotana’s efforts to manage food waste effectively. This innovative solution allows Rotana chefs to identify and analyze specific dishes and ingredients that are wasted, enabling them to make critical changes to reduce waste and improve operational efficiency. By pinpointing areas for improvement, such as training needs and overproduction patterns, Chef’s Eye contributes to more effective menu development and kitchen operations.

Rotana’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its partnership with Chef's Eye. The brand has implemented various initiatives across its properties, including reducing single-use plastics, launching bottling rooms to bottle filtered water, and introducing sustainable, locally sourced breakfast offerings.

In addition, Rotana has signed an agreement with the National Food Loss and Waste Initiative, Ne’ma, aligning with the UAE's goal to reduce food loss and waste by 50% by 2030.

Through these initiatives, Rotana reaffirms its dedication to sustainable practices, demonstrating leadership in the hospitality industry and paving the way for a more environmentally conscious future.

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