A New Chapter Unfolds: Biergarten Launches 'Always Familiar' Experience at Manyata Outlet

A New Chapter Unfolds: Biergarten Launches 'Always Familiar' Experience at Manyata Outlet

By Author

Published on December 28, 2023

Biergarten, the renowned microbrewery that has become synonymous with Bangalore's social life, is celebrating a significant milestone with the grand opening of its latest outlet at Manyata Business Park. In seven remarkable years, Biergarten has evolved from a beer haven to a thriving community hub—a space where bonds are forged, and lasting memories are created. As they embark on the next phase of their journey, the launch at Manyata is not merely an expansion; it's a testament to the enduring connection they share with their patrons.

Nikhil Wahi, Co-founder of Biergarten, shares his excitement, stating, "Manyata is a turning point for us. We're not just extending our legacy; we're crafting a new narrative. The 'Always Familiar' brand is an homage to our community, setting the stage for ambitious endeavors. Expect experimental craft beers, exclusive food festivals, immersive community initiatives, curated micro-experiences, and more."


The 'Always Familiar' brand promise encapsulates the essence of consistent excellence in food, beer, and service. The redesigned identity, featuring a Biergarten leaf morphing into a butterfly, mirrors the social vibrancy of their community—a visual testament to the genuine Biergarten spirit.

Spanning 10,000 sqft at Manyata Tech Park, Biergarten seamlessly blends expansive and intimate spaces. The centrally placed bar, adorned with beer taps, stands as the heart of the venue, creating a focal point visible from every angle. The warm ambiance, crafted through natural tones, terracotta tiles, and eco-friendly lime plaster, invites guests to witness the brewing process firsthand with an exposed brewery and kitchen.


Biergarten at Manyata Tech Park offers an inviting space that balances expansiveness with intimacy, creating a setting that is both cozy and compelling. It is not just a space; it's a tribute to the community and a celebration of seven years of excellence. This launch marks an exciting new chapter, where familiar experiences and exceptional moments await.

About Biergarten

Biergarten, a 7-year-old microbrewery, stands as the epitome of Bangalore's finest beers. Renowned for the refreshing "Hefeweizen," the rich "Red Ale," and the crisp "Pilsner," Biergarten boasts two outlets in Koramangala and Whitefield, with the new venture at Manyata Tech Park. Its exceptional ambiance, vast spaces, and diverse global cuisines make Biergarten the ultimate destination for creating unforgettable moments. Cheers to new beginnings at Biergarten!

Snow World Entertainment Announces Major Expansion Plans Across Key Indian Cities

Snow World Entertainment Announces Major Expansion Plans Across Key Indian Cities

By Nishang Narayan

Published on May 24, 2024

Snow World Entertainment, a trailblazer in the Indian entertainment and hospitality sector, announced today its ambitious plan to expand its footprint across the nation. Founded by Prasuk Jain, the company is set to open new facilities in prominent cities including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Thane, Pitampura, Connaught Place, and Golf Course Extension Road, aiming to double its presence by 2026.

Prasuk Jain, the visionary behind Snow World Entertainment, stated, "The entertainment sector in India holds immense potential for growth. Our objective is to revolutionize entertainment by introducing unique experiences that cater to diverse customer preferences, contributing to the 'Make in India, Make for the World' initiative and enhancing India's global stature in these sectors."

The expansion includes the launch of new outlets under popular brands like The Game Palacio, The Game Ranch, Amazonia, and Snow World. With an investment of approximately INR 300 crores in 2023-24 and INR 500 crores in 2024-25, the expansion is expected to generate numerous job opportunities across its new locations.

Currently, Snow World Entertainment operates 14 luxury gaming and bar concepts and three complete restaurants nationwide. Notable among them are The Game Ranch, a cowboy-themed luxury gaming and bar experience; The Game Palacio, a palace-themed venue; KOA, a bohemian-themed restaurant; and Amazonia, an immersive dining experience themed around the Amazon rainforest.

By focusing on customer satisfaction, embracing innovation, and advocating ecological responsibility, Snow World Entertainment is poised to redefine the entertainment landscape in India, ensuring unforgettable experiences for its patrons.

For further information on Snow World Entertainment and its range of services, please visit Snow World Entertainment.

About Snow World Entertainment:

Founded by Prasuk Jain, Snow World Entertainment stands as a pioneering force in the Indian entertainment and hospitality industry. The company boasts a diverse portfolio, including Snow World, The Game, Amazonia, and several other distinct brands, each offering unique experiences tailored to a variety of customer interests and age groups. Dedicated to delivering exceptional entertainment, Snow World Entertainment is shaping the future of leisure and hospitality in India.

Ouzo by Fire" Debuts in Bengaluru, Celebrating Coastal Cuisine

By Nishang Narayan

Published on May 24, 2024

Ouzo by Fire has officially launched in Bengaluru's vibrant neighborhood of Indiranagar, marking a significant addition to the city's culinary scene. This restaurant, a brainchild of Rosetta Hospitality, delves deep into the rich culinary traditions of India’s western coast. It features a menu that skillfully marries the Saraswat-style cooking, the Portuguese culinary influences in Goa, and the Catholic food heritage of Mangaluru.


At Ouzo by Fire, diners can immerse themselves in an expansive menu that highlights both well-known dishes and hidden gems from these coastal regions. Each dish is presented with a contemporary flair, appealing to the sophisticated tastes of today's food enthusiasts. The dining experience is complemented by a rooftop bar setting with alfresco seating, where guests can enjoy inventive cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages crafted by expert mixologists. These drinks are designed to enhance the flavors of the coastal cuisine served at the restaurant.

Jai Sreedhar, Joint Managing Director and CEO of Rosetta Hospitality, expressed enthusiasm about the new venture, stating, "The launch of Ouzo by Fire in Indiranagar is not just an expansion of our portfolio but a testament to our commitment to culinary excellence. This restaurant reflects our dedication to high-quality service, innovation, and preserving the rich culinary traditions of the western coast."


Milan Gupta, Corporate Chef and Executive Vice President of Rosetta Hospitality, also commented on the culinary philosophy behind Ouzo by Fire, "Our aim is to deliver an authentic dining experience that takes our guests on a flavorful journey to the western coast of India. From leisurely thali meals to signature dishes, each visit to Ouzo by Fire promises a new exploration of this region’s vibrant and diverse culinary landscape."

Ouzo by Fire not only celebrates the culinary arts but also offers a cultural voyage through the tastes and aromas of India's coastal belt. This restaurant is poised to become a beloved spot for both locals and tourists seeking a unique dining experience in Bengaluru.

Max Value Hotels and Resorts Boosts Efficiency with HostBooks Software

Max Value Hotels and Resorts Boosts Efficiency with HostBooks Software

By Nithyakala Neelakandan

Published on May 23, 2024

Max Value Hotels and Resorts, a prominent player in Mumbai's hospitality scene, recently teamed up with HostBooks, a leading business automation software provider, to revamp their financial and operational management processes.

For over 15 years, Max Value Hotels grappled with the complexities of managing their 150-room facility amidst fierce industry competition and decentralized accounting systems. Recognizing the need for a game-changing solution, they turned to HostBooks for help.

The implementation of HostBooks marked a turning point for Max Value Hotels, streamlining operations and addressing crucial challenges like financial consolidation and inventory management. Within days, the benefits of this collaboration became apparent.

Rathnaraj Livingston, Director of Global Business Head and Chief Business Officer-HORECA, lauded the collaboration, citing increased efficiency and operational standardization as immediate outcomes.

Abbas Hussain, Director of Max Value Hotels and Resorts, commended the support provided by the HostBooks team, singling out the seamless settlement of 80% of accounts within the first few months. He highlighted HostBooks' cloud-based features and recommended it as a valuable tool for the hospitality industry.

This successful integration has not only optimized Max Value Hotels' operations but has also led to substantial cost savings, positioning them for sustained success in the competitive market. Centralized control over operations and streamlined procurement procedures have further contributed to their operational effectiveness.

The partnership between Max Value Hotels and HostBooks underscores the importance of innovative solutions in driving efficiency and success in the hospitality sector. With HostBooks' support, Max Value Hotels is poised for continued growth and excellence.

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