India's Travel and Tourism: 44% More Jobs, 100% Excitement

India's Travel and Tourism: 44% More Jobs, 100% Excitement

By Author

Published on October 3, 2023

Let's dive into the vibrant world of India's travel and tourism job market, where adventure meets opportunity. In this exhilarating journey, we'll explore how this dynamic sector has experienced an impressive 44% increase in hiring, sparking enthusiasm among job seekers and enthusiasts alike.

Hiring Takes Flight

Since the dawn of 2023, the travel and tourism industry in India has been on a hiring spree, with a staggering 44% surge in job openings. It seems that the travel bug has bitten the job market, and professionals related to marketing communication, sales associates, and engineers are leading the pack in this high-demand sector.

Cities in the Spotlight

Jaipur, Delhi, and Ahmedabad have emerged as the stars of this hiring show, boasting a remarkable yearly growth in job demand, standing tall at 34%, 34%, and 33%, respectively. These cities are on a quest to redefine the travel experience.

Confidence in Travel's Comeback

As we all know, the pandemic hit the travel industry hard, resulting in a decline in job postings. However, 2022 witnessed a glimmer of hope with a 3% uptick in hiring. Fast forward to 2023, and the industry is back on its feet, with people regaining confidence in travel. Not to mention the government's notable efforts and India's burgeoning wellness industry boosting medical tourism.

Tech and Tourism, a Perfect Match

Emerging technologies like AR/VR and AI are playing a pivotal role in the travel and tourism sector's resurgence. These innovations promise to shape the future of Indian tourism, offering travellers unique experiences that are out of this world.

City Showdown: Tier-2 vs. Metropolises

Tier-2 cities like Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Chandigarh are taking the lead in online hiring demand, showcasing the incredible potential of these emerging talent hubs. However, don't count out the metropolises, with Delhi leading the pack.

Fresh Faces in Demand

Freshers are having a field day in the travel and tourism job market, accounting for a significant share of online vacancies. Companies are eager to hire these digitally savvy, adaptable, and cost-efficient newcomers.

Counting the Coins

From minimum salaries for freshers to top management roles, we've got the salary trends for you. So, whether you're starting your journey in the industry or managing it from the top, we've got the numbers covered.

Gig Economy Takes Flight

The gig economy has also taken flight in the travel and tourism sector. As the industry faces seasonal fluctuations, gig workers step in to match demand, offering their expertise for special events and peak seasons.

The Future of India's Tourism Industry

As India's travel and tourism sector makes a roaring comeback, it's evident that the industry is ready to adapt to changing traveller demands. From wellness to adventure, sustainability to cultural tourism, it's all part of the plan.

So, if you're looking for a job with a twist, India's travel and tourism sector might just be your ticket to an exciting and quirky career adventure!

Introducing Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor Khan as TREVOC Brand Ambassadors

Introducing Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor Khan as TREVOC Brand Ambassadors

By Nithyakala Neelakandan

Published on April 10, 2024

TREVOC, a prominent name in Gurugram's luxury real estate scene, has achieved a significant milestone by announcing Bollywood icons Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan as their brand ambassadors. This strategic move solidifies TREVOC's reputation for blending heritage with opulence.

The collaboration with Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan, renowned for their association with legacy and luxury, aims to reinforce TREVOC's position as the ultimate choice for those seeking sophistication and comfort in their homes. By aligning with these esteemed personalities, TREVOC underscores its commitment to offering innovative designs, cutting-edge amenities, and sustainable living solutions, reshaping the landscape of luxury real estate.

Gurpal Singh Chawla, Managing Director at TREVOC, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan to the TREVOC family. Their iconic status and shared values resonate deeply with our brand ethos of blending legacy with luxury. With their association, we aim to elevate the living experience and continue our legacy of excellence in the real estate domain."

Sehaj Chawla, Managing Director at TREVOC, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the brand's commitment to crafting unique projects that epitomize luxury and comfort. He stated, "Collaborating with celebrities has not only reinforced our vision but also broadened our reach to a wider audience seeking luxury developments. Both Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan exemplify luxury and align perfectly with our Group's vision."

TREVOC, guided by the principles of 'Imagine, Innovate, and Inspire,' stands at the forefront of redefining high-end residential infrastructure. With a legacy spanning over 75 years, the brand remains dedicated to integrating upscale amenities into its luxury projects, enhancing residents' lifestyles. Focused on prime locations such as Golf Course Road, Southern Peripheral Road, and Dwarka Expressway, TREVOC continues to set new standards in the sector, offering unparalleled quality and sophistication.

India ITME Society Launches Multicultural Facility Center in Mumbai

India ITME Society Launches Multicultural Facility Center in Mumbai

By Nishang Narayan

Published on April 10, 2024

India International Textile Machinery Exhibitions Society (India ITME Society), a non-profit organisation, has announced the launch of its Multicultural Facility Center in Mumbai. This facility centre represents a significant milestone in ITME's commitment to creating inclusive spaces where people from all backgrounds can come together to share their traditions, stories, and experiences.

The Multicultural Center, inaugurated by eminent Bollywood actress Ms. Smita Jayakar, accompanied by Mr. Darasing Khurana (Mr. India International 2017) and stand-up comedian Mr. Rohan Gujral, is envisioned as a hub for cultural appreciation and understanding. It will serve as a vibrant venue for a wide range of activities and initiatives aimed at promoting multiculturalism.


Ms. Seema Srivastava, Executive Director of ITME, expressed her excitement about opening the doors of the centre to the community, welcoming individuals and organisations to utilise the premises for their cultural and professional endeavours. She emphasised that by providing a dynamic space for both cultural and professional gatherings, ITME aims to contribute to the enrichment of the local community and foster meaningful connections among diverse groups of people.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and customizable layouts, the ITME premises offer a seamless experience for event organisers and attendees alike. Whether hosting an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, organisers can leverage ITME's resources to bring their vision to life.


Ms. Smita Jayakar, a veteran actress, expressed her enthusiasm for the ITME centre, stating that it would bring an extra sparkle to South Mumbai. She highlighted the centre's potential to create a more supportive ambiance for art, culture, theatrical showcases, workshops, book launches, and other cultural events in this dynamic part of Mumbai.

During the launch event, notable authors including Mr. Gopinath Chandra Das, Dr. Shefali Batra, and Ms. Mukta Wankhede showcased their books, further enriching the cultural atmosphere of the occasion.

Established in 1980, India ITME Society is a non-profit apex industry body dedicated to supporting and serving the Textile Engineering Industry through exhibitions, events, trade promotion services, education scholarships, student placements, consultancy, and more. The society plays a pivotal role in strengthening both the domestic and international Textile Industry by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, technology transfer, and encouraging foreign direct investments and joint ventures.

Indian Hospitality Sector Witnesses Surge in Investments, Records Significant Growth

Indian Hospitality Sector Witnesses Surge in Investments, Records Significant Growth

By Nishang Narayan

Published on April 4, 2024

In a positive turn of events for the Indian hospitality sector, investments surged to USD 401 million in FY23, marking a remarkable four-fold increase from the previous year. This notable growth, as reported by JLL, signals promising opportunities and a robust outlook for the industry.

The 'Hotel Investment Trends - India 2023' report by JLL unveiled encouraging trends and insights into the hospitality sector's performance. Notably, the sector witnessed a significant uptick in hotel transactions, with a record number of 22 transactions recorded, the highest in a decade. Furthermore, three hotel companies made their debut on the stock market through IPOs, indicating growing investor interest and confidence in the sector.


High net worth individuals (HNIs) and institutional capital emerged as major contributors to hotel investments, accounting for 73% of the total investments. Real estate developers also played a significant role, constituting 27% of investments, followed by owner-operators at 11%.

One of the noteworthy findings of the report was the increasing focus on Tier-2 cities for hotel development activities, which accounted for 54% of total signings. This shift underscores the expanding opportunities and untapped potential in non-metro areas, reflecting a broader trend of decentralisation and diversification within the hospitality sector.


Overall, the hospitality sector's performance in FY23 reflects resilience, adaptability, and a promising trajectory of growth. With record hotel signings, openings, and a surge in investments, the industry is poised for continued expansion and success in the coming years.

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