Amit Kumar: Shaping La Marvella's Event Excellence and Drawing Inspiration from Leaders


Published on December 8, 2023

In an exclusive interview with Hospitality News, Mr. Amit Kumar, General Manager at La Marvella, Bengaluru, shared his extensive experience in managing events and offered insights into his inspirations in the hospitality field. When asked about his experience in managing large-scale events at La Marvella, Mr. Kumar detailed:

"Let me shed light on La Marvella, starting with the story behind its name. 'La Marvella' is derived from the Spanish word 'maravilloso,' which translates to marvelous. This name isn't just a label; it embodies a rich history and significance. Every aspect of our hotel, including our banquet halls, carries unique names, each with a distinct meaning that complements the ambience. For instance, we have the 'Colosseum' banquet hall, a name reminiscent of an amphitheater. It offers a generous 3,800 sq. ft. of space and can comfortably accommodate up to 250 people in a theater-style arrangement, or up to 450 people in a floating crowd setup. Then there's 'Leroi,' a name of Spanish origin associated with opulence and grandeur. Leroi exudes a rich ambiance, making it a favorite among our patrons. This spacious hall covers an area of 4,200 sq. ft., suitable for various events, from anniversaries and corporate functions to award ceremonies, dealers' meetings, and cocktail dinners. Our 'Vista' banquet hall, which means picturesque, spans 2,200 sq. ft. The hall offers a scenic view, especially in the evenings, providing a visually pleasing backdrop for your events. 'Aurum,' another banquet hall, covers 1,600 sq. ft. It can comfortably accommodate 35 to 40 people in a cluster-style setup and 70 to 80 people in a theater-style arrangement. For a touch of outdoor charm, we have 'Sky Marvella.' This open area offers flexibility in decor and is perfect for events such as Haldi, Mehndi, and social gatherings. The evening atmosphere with its picturesque landscaping creates a beautiful backdrop. Our dedicated event manager collaborates with prospective clients to understand their unique requirements, curate personalized menus, and assist with event organization and decor, including theme selection. But our offerings go beyond events. La Marvella boasts 102 rooms, each exquisitely designed. These include executive, club, and suite categories. Among these, we have 20 premium suites and 9 club rooms. The spacious rooms range from 330 sq. ft. for our executive base category rooms to 500 sq. ft. for our club rooms and 650 sq. ft. for the executive suites. Our rooms feature plush 10-inch mattresses, top-quality imported linens with a thread count of 650, and upscale fixtures. You'll find acrylic bathtubs in our rooms, complete with chandeliers. The shower area is equipped with luxury bath fittings, including a showerhead and three additional nozzles. The wooden flooring in the rooms is made of acacia wood. Our guest rooms are not just rooms; they are smart guest rooms. Automation allows you to control window drapes, air conditioning, lights, and even unlock doors from your bed. High-speed internet connectivity is a priority, with dedicated routers for each room to ensure a seamless, high-speed experience during your stay. Additionally, our guest services include a rooftop swimming pool, a 3,500 sq. ft. spa with three therapy rooms and a couple's therapy room, and a well-equipped gym for fitness enthusiasts. La Marvella's strategic location in Jayanagar, adjacent to the metro station, puts us in proximity to educational institutions like Surana College, IIM, Dayanand College, and prominent hospitals like Apollo and Fortis. We've been a South Bangalore landmark for 14 years, making us the preferred choice for VIP moments, accommodating out-of-town guests, hosting events, and providing a top-notch dining experience. La Marvella truly lives up to its name - the marvelous choice in South Bangalore."

Regarding his inspirations in the hospitality field, Mr. Kumar shared:

"I have been managing this hotel for the last 8 years, and the current inspirations come from the owner himself, Mr. Adhi Bhaskar. This hotel was his first, and he possesses a profound passion for the product, services, and guests. Recently, I read a book by David Abstein about generalist and specialist people. It highlighted that the Titanic, built by specialists, sank, while the ark, built by amateurs, didn't. This example inspires me, showing that success can come from diverse perspectives. Mr. Bhaskar, the owner, shares similar dedication, akin to Captain Nair of Leela Hotel, who personally oversaw every detail. During the challenging time of COVID-19, a real litmus test for our industry, Mr. Bhaskar demonstrated his foresight. While many in the industry were uncertain, he was clear that recovery would take time. Despite the industry's trend of shutting down or laying off staff, he retained our team, ensuring they received their salaries. This decision has kept our talented manpower intact, and we are grateful for his commitment during those difficult times. This support extended not only to our personnel but also to the comprehensive maintenance of the property. Many tasks that would have been impossible during regular operations were executed during the shutdown, leaving us well-prepared to serve our guests and the market as soon as conditions improved. Another invaluable mentor has been Mr. Mohammad Shoeb, my first front office manager. His consistent guidance emphasized the importance of maintaining composure, patience, and the pursuit of learning in this industry. Learning the art of keeping calm and continuously seeking new knowledge has been a lasting lesson from him. He shared wisdom that one must survive before they can fight, a piece of advice that underscores the need for perseverance during the ups and downs of one's career. Moreover, the wisdom of other esteemed colleagues like Mr. Pankaj Gupta, Mr. Tarun Kumar Maity, and Mr. Navin Kaul, who are veterans in the industry, has been instrumental. They generously shared their extensive experiences, offering guidance and insights on how to navigate different situations. Exploring various departments and investing substantial hours in understanding processes has been integral to my growth. Collectively, these experiences have molded me into the professional I am today."

This enlightening conversation with Mr. Amit Kumar offered a fascinating look into the intricate operations and the leadership ethos at La Marvella. For a more in-depth exploration of these insights, viewers can watch the complete interview on the Hospitality News YouTube channel.

The full details of this engaging discussion are also available in the December issue of Hospitality News, accessible through our website.

Digital Detox: Helping Guests Unplug and Relax this Summer Season

Digital Detox: Helping Guests Unplug and Relax this Summer Season

Shreenidhi Jagannathan

Published on May 20, 2024

This summer, Nisha Sharma, Operations Director – India at Eight Continents Hotels & Resorts, delves into the growing trend of digital detox vacations. In her insightful article, "Digital Detox: Helping Guests Unplug and Relax this Summer Season," Sharma explores how hotels and resorts are offering innovative packages to help guests disconnect from their devices and reconnect with what truly matters. Read on to learn how stepping away from your screens can lead to a more balanced, rejuvenated, and fulfilling summer experience.

Read the full article below.

In our hyper-connected world, the allure of a digital detox is becoming increasingly compelling. As summer approaches, many hotels and resorts are seizing the opportunity to offer guests a chance to unplug, unwind, and reconnect with nature, family, and themselves. These digital detox packages are designed not only to provide a break from the constant barrage of emails, notifications, and social media but also to foster a deeper connection with the environment and personal well-being.

The Concept of Digital Detox

A digital detox involves refraining from using electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. The goal is to reduce stress, improve mental health, and enhance the quality of life by disconnecting from the digital world and reconnecting with the physical one. For many, the incessant need to stay connected has led to burnout, anxiety, and a sense of constant distraction. Hotels and resorts that offer digital detox packages aim to combat these issues by providing an environment that encourages relaxation and mindfulness.

The Rise of Digital Detox Packages

The trend of digital detox vacations has been on the rise as people seek refuge from their demanding digital lives. Leading the charge are luxury hotels and resorts that offer bespoke packages tailored to help guests disconnect. These packages often include a mix of activities designed to engage guests physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Activities Promoting Mindfulness and Well-being

Central to these detox packages are activities that encourage mindfulness and present-moment awareness. These activities often emphasize the importance of being present and appreciating the natural world. Popular options include:-

  • ·         Nature Walks and Hikes: Guided tours through scenic trails allow guests to immerse themselves in nature, promoting physical activity and a sense of tranquility.
  • ·         Yoga and Meditation: These practices help guests center themselves, reduce stress, and improve mental clarity.
  • ·         Art and Craft Workshops: Engaging in creative activities like painting, pottery, or knitting can be therapeutic and foster a sense of accomplishment.
  • ·         Culinary Experiences: Cooking classes and farm-to-table dining experiences not only educate but also connect guests with the local culture and cuisine.
  • ·         Wellness Treatments: Spa treatments, including massages and aromatherapy, offer deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Benefits of Digital Detox

The benefits of a digital detox are manifold. Physically, guests often report better sleep and less eye strain. Mentally, they experience reduced stress levels, improved mood, and a greater sense of well-being. The absence of constant notifications allows for uninterrupted thoughts and deeper, more meaningful conversations.

Socially, guests find that they connect more genuinely with those around them. Without the distraction of devices, there is more room for eye contact, active listening, and heartfelt interactions. Additionally, being in a serene, natural setting often leads to a greater appreciation for the environment and a desire to protect it.

Encouraging Digital Detox: Tips for Hotels and Resorts

For hotels and resorts looking to implement digital detox packages, here are some tips:-

  • ·         Create a Device-Free Environment: Encourage guests to hand over their devices at check-in and provide a secure place for storage.
  • ·         Offer Engaging Alternatives: Design a variety of activities that cater to different interests and promote relaxation and engagement.
  • ·         Educate Guests: Provide information on the benefits of a digital detox and how it can improve their stay.
  • ·         Train Staff: Ensure that staff are supportive and knowledgeable about the digital detox concept, helping to foster a device-free culture.
  • ·         Promote the Package: Use marketing channels to highlight the unique benefits of a digital detox vacation, attracting guests who are seeking respite from their digital lives.


As the demand for mindful travel experiences grows, digital detox packages offer a refreshing way for guests to disconnect from their screens and reconnect with what truly matters. By promoting such initiatives, hotels and resorts not only enhance the well-being of their guests but also contribute to a more balanced, mindful, and connected world. This summer, embracing a digital detox could be the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life, offering families and individuals a chance to recharge and create lasting memories.

Discover Tranquility at The Brigadiers Cottage: Your Ideal Summer Retreat

Discover Tranquility at The Brigadiers Cottage: Your Ideal Summer Retreat

Nishang Narayan

Published on May 4, 2024

This summer, as the bustle of city life grows ever more demanding, find your sanctuary in the tranquil hills of Mussoorie at The Brigadiers Cottage. Known as the Queen of the Hills, Mussoorie offers a refreshing retreat with its cool breezes and misty mornings, setting the stage for a perfect getaway at one of India’s most unique homestays.

The Brigadiers Cottage is not just a place to stay; it’s a journey into a slower, more thoughtful way of life. Owned by Neetu and Aseem Varma, former corporate professionals who traded city life for the mountains, this cottage offers guests a rare blend of luxury and natural beauty. Their commitment to sustainable living is evident in every aspect of the cottage, from its organic farms to the free-roaming poultry and the melodious sounds of a nearby brook.

Guests at The Brigadiers Cottage can experience the joys of farm life with a modern twist. Imagine starting your day collecting fresh eggs for breakfast or taking part in milking the cows. The farm’s produce, including fresh milk, ghee, and honey, is not only organic but also embodies the essence of Himalayan purity.

For those looking to explore beyond the cottage, the Varmas suggest delightful local excursions. Whether it’s enjoying a picnic by the Yamuna River, with tables set up in the shallow waters, or exploring the vibrant Sainji village, known as the corn village of India, there is something for everyone.


The cottage itself, nestled in lush greenery and designed with an eye for elegance, has hosted a variety of distinguished guests, from diplomats to Bollywood stars, each seeking a slice of peace away from the public eye. Its exclusivity and personal touch make it a preferred retreat for those in the know.

If you're seeking a summer escape where you can unwind, explore, and reconnect with your loved ones, The Brigadiers Cottage in Mussoorie offers an unmatched experience. Plan a stay of at least three days to fully embrace the serene surroundings and the vibrant life of Mussoorie.

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This article aims to entice readers with the charm and unique offerings of The Brigadiers Cottage, encouraging them to explore further in your e-magazine.

Sweetening the World: Shwetha Rajashekar’s Vision at India Sweet House

Sweetening the World: Shwetha Rajashekar’s Vision at India Sweet House

Nishang Narayan

Published on May 4, 2024

Meet Shwetha Rajashekar, a dynamic entrepreneur who has transitioned from a successful corporate career to revolutionising the desert landscape with India Sweet House. With over a decade of experience at prestigious companies like Goldman Sachs and Tesco, Shwetha brings a wealth of knowledge to her latest venture, aiming to make India Sweet House a globally recognized brand for authentic and sustainable Indian sweets.

In an exclusive interview in our May e-magazine, Shwetha shares her inspiration for starting India Sweet House. The idea was born from her desire to celebrate and preserve India's rich culinary heritage by bringing traditional sweets made with organic ingredients to a broader audience. India Sweet House stands out for its commitment to quality and sustainability, sourcing ingredients from its own organic farm, Karma Farms, ensuring that every bite not only tastes good but also contributes to a healthier planet.

Shwetha discusses the significant role of Karma Farms in maintaining the purity and freshness of their products, from dairy to ghee. This dedication to organic farming highlights a broader commitment to environmental stewardship, which is woven throughout their operations.

Empowerment is also at the core of India Sweet House’s ethos. Shwetha proudly leads an all-woman team, ensuring that the company not only produces delicious sweets but also champions gender equality in the workplace. This empowerment extends to nurturing their talents and fostering an environment where women can thrive and advance.

The article also touches on how India Sweet House balances tradition with innovation. While they cherish traditional recipes, they are not shy about introducing modern twists to suit contemporary tastes, ensuring their delights meet the palates of today’s diverse clientele.

Curious about the blend of tradition and innovation that Shwetha Rajashekar brings to the table with India Sweet House? Learn more about her unique approach to preserving culinary heritage while advancing sustainability in our exclusive May feature. Discover the full story and get inspired by her vision in this month's issue of Hospitality News e-magazine. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at @indiahospitalitynews to stay updated with the latest trends and inspiring stories from the world of hospitality.